Today Ted speaks with Jim and Kristy Yozamp of Pacwest Builders and Interiors By Kristine.

Jim’s family had an architectural background and, alongside Kristy, started building custom homes as speculative projects as they transitioned the family to Central Oregon, where the two eventually developed Pacwest Builders, a full-service design/build firm.

Kristine Yozamp is an innovative award-winning interior designer who blends the creativity of design with the practicality of Bend living. Kristine’s passion for new residential construction is balanced by her passion to create beautiful homes throughout Central Oregon

Ted, Jim, & Kristine

Topics Discussed

  • [05:59] Jim’s early career and foray into the building industry
  • [13:54] Common features in a home that may soon become archaic
  • [25:59] How Jim and Kristy know whether or not a potential client is the right fit
  • [32:29] Getting through the Global FInancial Crisis
  • [37:11] How Jim and Kristy stay level-headed
  • [40:51] How clients today differ from those previous decades
  • [43:09] The American Dream according to Jim and Kristy
  • [49:06] Jim and Kristy’s thoughts on the future of younger generations
  • [59:46] What’s next for Jim and Kristy
  • [1:01:21] The future of the Pacwest brand and what Jim and Kristy are most proud of

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • The fewer issues you have with specification, pricing, and timing, the better the process. If you get somebody that wants to be oversold in any one of those three areas, run. If they want price promises that don’t exist and won’t exist, they’re just going to be a complete nightmare to collect your money from. And if they have expectations of that finish that doesn’t align up with their budgets, you need to make that clear upfront. ~Jim
  • We’re big on under promising and over delivering, and if they want it the other way around, we’re not your people. ~Jim

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