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When dreaming big as in Hawaii’s Big Island, paradise living becomes a reality. The Big Island is a small continent within itself, featuring some of the most diverse terrain and climatic zones found anywhere in the world. Exotic lava-rich, sandy-white coastlines on the leeward side with lush rainforest and waterfalls on the windward (eastern) side of the island. Hawaii’s spacious varied landscape attracts those longing for the tranquility of isolated living to others desiring the community and recreational amenities of high-end residential developments.

The Kona-Kohala coast (leeward west coast) features some of the world’s finest private residential beach and golf clubs. Luxury homes line the Kukio, Hokuli’a, Hualalai developments and the newest coastal community of Kohanaiki. Kona, the island’s fastest growing town, with its drier, warmer climate attracts locals and second-home buyers wanting to also enjoy fine dining and shopping plus ocean adventures in the pristine Pacific washing ashore the coastline.

Located to the north and inland of Kona is Waimea at 2500 feet elevation. Temperatures are slightly cooler and clouds hover over the rolling green pastures of this lively ranching community, home to one of the oldest and largest U.S. cattle ranches, Parker Ranch.

Hawaii’s dramatic, eastern shoreline is home to the historic town of Hilo featuring authentic 1800’s architecture. Hilo boasts ocean views, ancient banyan trees plus art galleries and museums highlighting the transition of this farming and fishing community to the sugar cane industry. Hilo is also a “gateway” to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park about 50 min south.

The Big Island lifestyle awaits with the finest ocean and golf amenities. An island home can become real in Hawaii’s exotic natural wonders that stun with coastlines and rainforests backdropped by volcanic, snow-capped mountains.


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