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Episode 93: Bringing Your Outdoor-Living Vision to Life With Joe Raboine of Belgard

Ted speaks with Joe Raboine, Vice President of Design, Oldcastle APG, for Belgard. He discusses the evolution of Belgard and the outdoor living space industry. He explains the structure of the company and its focus on providing a holistic solution for outdoor living. Joe also shares his transition from being a contractor to working in corporate America and the entrepreneurial mindset that drives the company. He highlights the importance of taking risks and learning from failures. Together, Ted and Joe cover challenges in construction, inspiring the next generation, and the future of Belgard.


  • [01:25] Overview of Belgard and Old Castle APG
  • [06:30] Transition from Contractor to Corporate America
  • [09:40] Evolution of Belguard’s Product Line
  • [13:15] Rise of Outdoor Living Spaces
  • [16:10] Opportunities in the Outdoor Living Space
  • [18:40] Product Line and Testing Market
  • [23:05] Modularity and Installation Challenges
  • [33:15] Funny Stories and Memorable Installations
  • [37:05] Inspiring the Next Generation
  • [43:05] The Future of Belgard


Joe Raboine | Belgard


  • I think the outdoor living space is still wide open and, and there’s so much opportunity. 
  • When we look at the outdoor living space, we just see just unprecedented potential, right? But the challenge is there are very complex spaces to install. You need really all the skillsets you need for building a house, right? You need plumbers, electricians, carpenters, all of it, to do the big spaces.
  • It’s incredible, but I think people are reprioritizing that. And in some cases are even, I’ve even had some recent conversations where people are building smaller homes, but they’re building much larger outdoor spaces that are even bigger than the square footage of the house, some cases, which I think is, is incredible to see.


Belgard is renowned for our expertise on all aspects of the hardscapes industry. Our team members are sought after throughout North America to provide insights, education and training for homeowners and industry professionals. Our network of Belgard Authorized Contractors are ICPI* trained to deliver superior craftsmanship. To find a contractor or dealer, use our Belgard locator tool. For the latest information on designing, living in and loving your outdoor spaces, visit the Outdoor Living by Belgard blog.

When you’re dreaming about a new outdoor living space, Belgard has multiple resources at your fingertips to help inspire your creativity including Pinterest boards and an Inspiration Gallery full of beautiful outdoor living designs.  Belgard has also been sponsoring the dream as a proud sponsor and hardscape supplier of the outdoor living spaces of the HGTV® Dream Home since 2016.


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