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Stunning Views From Amazing Rooms

Expansive Views Abound

It’s not difficult to imagine why places like Whitefish, MT, Jackson, WY, and Naples, FL are top choices for homeowners looking to build custom homes: the views are breathtaking.

Whether you gaze out your windows onto white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, and clear aquamarine water, or onto snow-capped mountains, miles of open planes, and densely wooded forest, a good view is often the final make-or-break factor when choosing where to build a home.

The Perlman ProjectJackson Hole, WY

A great view isn’t just about having something nice to look at. A great view can help the interior of your home look more beautiful and feel more luxurious, too.

We all know the importance of natural lighting and strategically placed windows, but there’s a difference between natural lighting in a beautiful location and natural lighting in a cramped, over-developed area. Beautiful open spaces and lush natural landscapes give off a more alluring, brighter, more inviting natural light, and can imbue your home with an ora of grandeur.

Maryl ConstructionHawaii

When designing your custom home, it’s important not only to consider the practical needs of the surrounding land but the aesthetics of the view. An experienced architect accustomed to working in places with natural splendor can help you to choose how your view will impact the overall design of your home and integrate custom features to make the most of the light you’ll receive throughout the year.

Teton Heritage BuildersBig Sky, MT

If you’d like to be able to wake up and watch the sunrise come up over the mountains, you’ll need an East facing window. If you’d like to create a sunroom or a covered outdoor area that will get plenty of sunlight during the day, you’ll need to place it along the South-facing side of the house. All of this can be discussed with your architect, so be sure to spend some time considering how you’d like to be able to enjoy the view from your home.

Frontier WoodworksPark City, UT
Aluma GlassWhitefish, MT

You may also want to consider which rooms you want to face specific views. If, for example, you want your bedroom to face the ocean like in Hawaii or the desert landscape of Santa Fe, you’ll need to communicate your preferences with your home designer.

Blue Ribbon BuildersBig Sky, MT

Similarly, if you’d like an entertaining area with incredible views, you’ll need to request that your architect incorporate large windows, accordion doors, or other design features to create a smooth transition from your home into nature.

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