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The Alternative Energy Shift: Cutting Carbon

Shifting your home’s various energy systems from traditional methods to alternative energy options bears benefits for you, your wallet and the environment. As energy costs and political and social pressures for lowering carbon outputs are all on the rise, more homeowners are seeking quality options to alleviate these issues.

If you are planning a new build, it makes environmental and economic sense to design for the best energy efficiency possible. And if you are embarking on a renovation, many opportunities are available to lower your home’s reliance on carbon-based energy.

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Understand your home’s energy requirements

If you’ve been considering your existing home and its impact on the environment you’re not the only one. Many people around the world are implementing more eco friendly high efficiency appliances, lighting, and more. The goal to be net zero isn’t out of reach with the proper planning and execution.

When building a new home, ask your design-build team to incorporate active and passive elements to leverage the best energy efficiencies. Numerous considerations–your home’s orientation, quality of windows and types of appliances–can significantly reduce your energy demands.

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Identify renewable energy systems that meet your needs

Your design-build team can connect you to industry professionals who will help determine which renewable energy systems best suit you based on location, sun exposure, square footage, budget and local zoning requirements.

Geothermal systems are one option. They transfer ground heat to your home in winter, while in the summer, they move heat from your home back into the ground. These systems are popular, as they are an all-in-one furnace and air conditioner. Another option is solar energy to heat and power your home. Adequately sized to your family’s energy use, a solar-based system can also heat a pool or hot tub. 

A thorough architect or builder will be sure to specify hidden features that bolster those energy savings, including proper insulation and walls or rooflines that serve as thermal breaks. The ultimate goal for energy-conscious homeowners is to be “net zero,” where you produce more energy than you use–a financial boon.

When creating a more energy-efficient home, homeowners have many excellent options as the demand for more eco-friendly building increases worldwide.

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