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Unveiling Modern Luxury by Stofft Cooney Architects & Equinox Construction Group (Naples, FL)

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Ted Bainbridge, President of Build Magazine, as Homes of Build Magazine presents an exclusive tour through a modern marvel on Gordon Rd, Naples, FL. Joining Ted are renowned architect John Cooney, Partner of Stofft Cooney Architects, and Travis Smith, Founder of Equinox Construction Group—the visionaries behind this architectural masterpiece.

John Cooney’s illustrious career is marked by exemplary, award-winning designs—a sophisticated blend of form and vision, style, and structure. Growing up in New York, his early exposure to diverse architectural styles ignited a passion that later flourished at the School of Architecture and Environmental Design at Kent State University. John Cooney’s designs specialize in creating timeless homes that seamlessly complement one’s lifestyle.

Travis Smith, the innovative Founder of Equinox Construction Group, transformed the industry with a personalized and family-like approach to home construction. With a degree in Business and over two decades of experience, Travis founded Equinox Construction Group in 2019. The company’s mission is to do great work with great people, create amazing projects, and build relationships that stand the test of time.

Together, they unravel the secrets behind a bespoke, open-concept masterpiece—a concrete haven engineered to meet the homeowner’s unique desires. Subscribe now for an in-depth exploration of innovation and lifestyle, exclusively with Ted, John, Travis, and Build Magazine!


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