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Staycation: Making a Resort-Like Backyard

Finding the time to go on vacation can be increasingly difficult as our schedules demand more and more of our time. While it’s not always possible to slip away to the Carribean on a whim, it is possible to step outside and enjoy a staycation in the perfect pool of your own. The feeling of escaping into an oasis can be steps away in your own backyard. Advancements in the industry have transformed the typical ‘backyard pool’ into a modern space that balances the opportunity for entertainment and serenity.

Dynamic Lighting

Installing quality lighting is an easy investment and will ensure that your pool will transition beautifully from day to night. Changes in color, positioning, and brightness can alter the mood for the space and keep the area well-lit for entertaining.

Above Ground Options

Gone are the days where you had to excavate plenty of land for a pool. Advancements in the world of above ground pools allow for beautiful pools to occupy any space of your choosing. Integrating an above ground pool into a deck or entertainment area can keep the space engaging for years to come without having to compromise on style or elegance.

Shallow-Depth Areas

Having dedicated shallow areas can greatly extend the use of your pool. While installing a pool can be great for exercise and for children, pools are also an incredible place to unwind and relax. Consider incorporating lounge chairs in your shallow area to add to the staycation experience as seen in the photo above!

Fire and Water

Incorporating elements of both fire and water into an outdoor living space has become increasingly popular in recent years. The contrast between the two natural elements adds unique interest to the overall aesthetic.

Darker Pool Hues

Pools are notorious for featuring light blue shades that are said to resemble the color of the sea. However, pools are recently seeing a huge upgrade in aesthetic by being darker in color. Another benefit? Darker hues absorb sunlight more efficiently which can keep costs low when it comes to heating your pool.

There are no planes, trains, or automobiles involved. The ultimate staycation is closer than you think. Making small changes to an existing pool or taking the plunge and installing one of your own can help you achieve the perfect outdoor space that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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