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Form, Function, & Versatility: Creative Kitchen Spaces for the Modern Home

Kitchens have always held a certain level of fantasy. As a space that’s been deemed “the heart of the home”, it’s difficult to argue against its importance. Our kitchens are where we gather to cook, share a meal, share a laugh, and create sweet memories with our loved ones. With that, the perfect kitchen design is a blend of functionality, versatility, and personal style. It’s safe to say that the decade of all-white, subway-tiled, open-concept kitchens has come to a close. So what’s next?

Cerused Wood in the Kitchen

Cerused wood, which involves applying colored pigments that allow the wood’s natural grain to shine through, making a comeback in both cabinetry and furniture. Cerusing focuses on incorporating elements of contrast to highlight the wood’s natural grain. Elements of texture are balanced with a primarily neutral color palette to keep the space versatile and useable.

Combining Form and Function

More than ever, homeowners are looking for appliances that offer solutions to meet, but not complicate, busy lifestyles without having to sacrifice on style. Stainless Steel and Matte Black continue to be popular colors due to their versatility. Appliances that offer innovative, customizable features that are meaningful instead of ‘gadget-y’ are a focus for many.

Statement Countertops

Kitchen countertops are an incredible way to personalize your kitchen. With so many options in terms of color, material, and style, you can get creative and find a solution that’s completely unique to your home. Many types of stone create a warm and inviting feel while being capable to stand up to the needs of a busy home. Granite countertops are chip-resistant, heat-resistant, and water-resistant so you can feel confident in using your kitchen to it’s maximum capabilities without having to worry about wear-and-tear.

A Spotlight on Sinks

Lets face it: sinks are one of the most underrated parts of the entire kitchen. But you don’t have to go crazy to achieve this developing trend. More and more people are choosing to shift their focus to the kitchen sink. Whether your preferences are farmhouse style, lots of contrast, or a sleek, modern approach that blurs the line between sink and countertop, making your sink an important piece of your kitchen can be an easy way to make a big impact on the space.

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