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Inspiration from Interiors Across America

American interiors are often classified by large kitchen-dining-living spaces, the imitation of high-end pieces using budget materials, and designated areas zoned by lots of furniture. However, interior design in America offers a greater level of versatility and variety than many would assume. While the characteristics of different areas of the country vary drastically, the inspiration for the interior design that comes from those regions differ as well. We’ve created a list of different interiors from across the country to spark your inspiration and take you on a road trip of design.


Light, bright, and breezy are all hallmarks of Floridian interior design styles. Featuring primarily neutral palettes and tropical influences, these designs often evoke the relaxing and casual feel of an island oasis. Pops of blues and greens create a refreshingly new sense of coastal living in any space. 

New Mexico

Featuring rustic furnishings, bold colors, and Native American influences, interior designs from New Mexico give any space an inviting, eclectic feel. The style often mixes wood and metal, as well as different patterns and textures to create a space that’s both intentional and seemingly effortless. Interiors inspired by New Mexico often bring a level of depth and warmth throughout the space.


Natural, tropical elements often define interiors inspired by Hawaii. Focusing on bringing elements from the island indoors, wood and woven textures can bring balance and harmony to any room. Inspired by the lush foliage found on the Hawaiian islands, natural color palettes provide the perfect background for a casual, comfortable space.


For lovers of the great outdoors, interiors inspired by Montana translate rugged surroundings into livable and stylish spaces. Natural materials such as wood and stone provide intentional elements of outdoor living that blend with organic accents. Rooms that blur the line between a home and it’s surroundings offer the cozy, rustic style that’s often associated with Montana. 


Styles inspired by Oregon and the Pacific Northwest are a touch rustic, bohemian, and laid-back. Featuring elements of wood and different textiles, these spaces are casual, inviting, and multi-dimensional. Interiors from this region often provide a balance between warm and cool color palettes while creating a space that’s laid-back and seemingly effortless.

Interior design in America offers a level of flexibility and versatility to meet the demands of any space. A well-designed interior reflects a level of hospitality and the perspectives and preferences of those that inhabit it.

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