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Episode 60: The Critical Role of an Interior Designer with Tonya Olsen, of Olsen Home Interior Design

Today Ted speaks with Utah-based interior designer Tonya Olsen of Olsen Home Interior Design. With an eye for timeless design, she has left her creative mark in developments throughout Utah including Red Ledges, Promontory, Victory Ranch, and Glenwild. Over the years, she has designed multiple Parade and Showcase homes, and her projects can be found from coast to coast.

Olsen Home Interior Designer

Listen in as Tonya shares the real, often overlooked value that an interior designer brings to a project. She makes the case that, if a good interior designer makes it a point to build a strong relationship with the architect and builder from the very beginning, they can dramatically elevate the look of any space they work on.

Tonya explains her collaborative approach to working with clients and how she chooses a style for a home based on the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle. She also speaks on the importance of clear communication between all parties so that a shared vision of the home is always top-of-mind.

Topics Discussed

  • [01:30] Tonya’s journey in interior design
  • [08:16] The true value of having an interior designer when building a home
  • [15:08] Staying on top of the latest trends
  • [16:35] Knowing which style to bring to a given project
  • [20:31] Why the showcase is the most intense part of Tonya’s job
  • [22:41] The importance of communication
  • [25:13] What excites Tonya about the industry today
  • [31:28] Renovations versus custom homes
  • [35:01] Capturing the “feel” that clients want from the finished home
  • [36:40] Ensuring that Tonya’s entire team share the same vision for each project
  • [41:12] Learning from failure

Connect with Guest

Key Quotes from Episode

  • I think people still don’t fully realize the importance and value of an interior designer. It’s more than just picking pretty things. I start with architectural consulting. I like to come in when they’re designing the house so I can work with the architect and the builder and the client and make sure all the parts and pieces work together.
  • The best compliment I ever get from anybody is: “Oh my gosh, I love how this feels.
Olsen Home Interior Design

The importance of where you live is second only to who you love, and both should be handled with the utmost care. From modern to moody and everything in between, Tonya Olsen and her talented team will help you create the home of your dreams. We specialize in high-end, new construction in addition to furniture and decor.



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