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Elevating Your Home with Fine Art

The Art of Selection 

by Lynn Sully

From the first cave paintings to the framed works adorning our walls, art has been an essential part of the human experience. Art encourages us to slow down and contemplate beauty. It conveys meaning, triggers memories, sparks an emotional response and is a welcome connection to something unique that has been made by hand.

Whether you have collected art for years or are looking to buy your first original work of art, Most gallery owners and art advisors have one simple suggestion. Buy what you love. That’s really all you need to know.

Est Est, Interior Design Inc.Scottsdale, AZ

A personal connection between the art collector and the artist is created. If the bond between your heart and the artwork is strong, you will feel that, and when you have it in your home, you will experience that feeling all over again, and your relationship with the work will evolve and change over time. Looking to see how a few pieces of art resonates with you? Look no further than at our recent blog, Art As Culture.

Finding a personal connection to the art may take time, which means enlarging your understanding of different artistic styles and artists by visiting several art galleries or researching online. Many resort areas, like the Okanagan, Scottsdale, Santa Fe, and Jackson Hole, have amazing galleries showcasing local and international artists.

Marc MichaelsPalm Beach, FL

Many of these galleries hang new shows each month, making them popular destinations for art collectors and visitors to enjoy. Many of these galleries and the artists they represent give insight and reflect the culture of each community.

Many galleries will let you take artwork home to see how it looks in your space before you commit to a purchase. Gallery owners encourage clients who live farther afield to send a photo of the room where they want to hang the piece, and they’ll create an image showing what the painting will look like in the space.

Shari Brownfield Fine ArtJackson Hole, WY
Tessa Nicole ArtScottsdale, AZ
Gallery 421Okanagan, BC
The Lloyd GalleryOkanagan, BC
GF ContemporarySanta Fe, NM
Ringholz StudiosJackson Hole, WY

Galleries also often have layaway plans, which enable you to spread out payments at a schedule that works for you. Well-known and accomplished artists can have a hefty price tag on their works. Your local gallery professionals and art consultants can also help when placing art in your home.

Giacobbe FritzSanta Fe, NM

There is an “art” to hanging paintings and displaying sculptures. These experts can help you group smaller pieces together that would otherwise be lost on a large wall or help you see new possibilities for where to display your art and how a piece can unify a space and finish your room.

There are so many talented artists in North America whose incredible works can elevate your home, create conversations in your living room or bedroom, and communicate who you are and your interests and tastes.

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