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Episode 58: The Art of Luxury Boutique Architecture with Jamie Farmer, of Farmer Payne Architects

Today Ted speaks with Jamie Farmer of Farmer Payne Architects, a boutique residential architecture firm located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with offices in Sun Valley, Idaho and Shreveport, Louisiana.

Jamie was introduced to the world of construction and design at a young age thanks to his father, a former general contractor, and draftsman. He, along with Scott Payne, founded Farmer Payne Architects in 2017.

Farmer Payne Architects

Listen in as Jamie speaks on his experience as a relatively young architect in his mid-30s catering to an ultra-high-net-worth clientele in Wyoming. He gives his thoughts on what draws people to Jackson Hole and how he designs his homes according to the unique lifestyle needs of his clients.

Jamie discusses his journey in the world of construction and design from the lessons his own father had taught him, how he navigated the Global Financial Crisis during his early career, to how these varied experiences allowed him and his team to thrive amid the pandemic.

Finally, Jamie shares his long-term vision for Farmer Payne and his approach to building sustainable homes that will last generations.

Farmer Payne

Topics Discussed

  • [03:54] Learning the trades with his father
  • [06:59] The allure of Jackson Hole
  • [14:48] Meeting Scott Payne and opening additional offices in Idaho and Louisiana
  • [16:26] Farmer Payne’s commitment to quality
  • [22:31] The importance of having strong relationships with your trade partners
  • [23:58] Launching the firm in 2017
  • [27:34] Getting through the 2008 financial crisis
  • [31:54] How Jamie built his credibility as an architect in his 30s
  • [39:37] How architecture has changed since Jamie started in the field
  • [46:17] Jamie’s vision for Farmer Payne
  • [51:36] Rethinking longevity in homes
  • [56:29] Sustainability in today’s window designs and technologies
  • [58:20] Jamie’s ideal client

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • For every month you live in Jackson Hole, you need a new set of toys because there is so much to do. That lifestyle and authentic outdoor connection is what people are really after, and Jackson has it all.
  • Relationships are so important. Depending on whether it’s an engineer, designer, or subcontractor, those personal relationships where you can dial them up on your phone are pivotal.
  • As an architect, you continue to build your skills throughout your entire career.
Farmer Payne Architects

Farmer Payne Architects, a boutique residential architecture firm with studios in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Sun Valley, Idaho and Shreveport, Louisiana creates beautiful custom homes, luxury residential architecture, cutting-edge commercial architecture and interior design.

We thoughtfully design spaces and forms that enrich the lives and experiences of our clients and their audiences. The fundamentals of design guide our approach while quality, simplicity, and personal collaboration compose our values. We believe the best designs are achieved when a team of creators, users, planners, and builders are assembled and pride ourselves on engaging and enhancing these relationships. Our designs are unique, but unobtrusive, fresh, but still refined, and each project is informed by place. The surrounding landscape, weather and region influence the buildings we design.



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