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Luxury Garages | As Attractive & Useful as any Room in the House

Luxury Garages: As attractive and useful as any room in the house

Why shouldn’t your garage be as comfortable, up-to-date and useful as the rest of your home? True, most of us don’t spend as much time where we park our cars as we do in other rooms. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get just as much enjoyment out of it.

Baldhead Cabinets (National Partner)
Customized Storage

No matter your hobby, there’s a storage solution for it. Whether you want eye-pleasing accommodations for skis, golf clubs or tools, high-end wood cabinets can be tailored to tuck those items neatly away. For tools used daily, pegboards give them a space with instant access. Consider manual or automated racks to raise more oversized items to the ceiling, such as ladders and bicycles, or watercraft like canoes, kayaks and paddleboards. They’re easily accessed when needed but otherwise out of the way. Car lifts to raise those collector cars safely can be color-matched to your space.

Total Garage Solutions (Whitefish, MT)
Garage Living (Palm Beach, FL)
Climate Control

Getting into a car that isn’t too hot or cold is always appreciated. When working in your garage, a comfortable ambient temperature makes staying attuned to your task easy. If yours is a new build, consider insulated exterior garage walls and extend the home’s heating and cooling systems into the garage. In an existing residence, insulate the exterior walls and install a mini split heater/cooler. Either way, your climate system can be operated from a smartphone, making your space ready when you are—no more cold car seats in winter. And when you return home on snowy days, heated driveways keep your homecoming ice-free, and built-in drainage carries away melt-off.

Going the Extra Mile

Avid gardeners may enjoy a purpose-built planting station undercover, with a sink and specialized storage for yard tools. Enjoy tinkering on cars with friends? Create a stylized sitting area with a built-in sound system and a well-stocked refrigerator. Thoughtful lighting is a must, be it overhead, task or even mood lighting, and may also be operated at the touch of a button from anywhere.

Your garage is as much a place for play and recreation as for storage and convenience. If you can dream it, your garage can have it, so think big. Go for the creature comforts, life-changing storage and entertainment options. You’ll love it, and so will your car.

Photography by Trevor Cooper | Blackhawk Contracting (Okanagan, BC)
Photography by Trevor Cooper | Blackhawk Contracting (Okanagan, BC)


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