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Featured Artist:

Tom Gilleon | Dream Catcher Exhibition

August 15 – October 15

An art advisor’s role is to support a client’s vision and help direct them to programming and artists that can help them fulfill that vision. When one collects art, or hangs multiple artworks in their home, a storyline naturally develops; so creating intelligent and cohesive connections is something Shari Brownfield finds very exciting. Because of her approach toward a more holistic understanding of how a client wishes to live with and interact with their art, she is able to source incredible artworks from all over the world, bringing new and thoughtful voices to their collections.

One collector may approach collecting from a purely aesthetic point of view. In contrast, another may wish to focus on a particular genre, medium, or underrepresented group or build an art investment portfolio. Each project is unique – taking her from auction sales rooms to artist studios and working with galleries both locally and around the world, all with the ultimate goal of bringing immense beauty into a client’s world.

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