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Episode 57: The Luxury Threads of Sleep with Jennifer Fay & Beth Chapdelaine of Linen Alley

Today Ted speaks with Jennifer Fay and Beth Chapdelaine of Linen Alley, a luxury home furniture and mattress company based in Jackson Hole. A business “built by women, run by women”, Linen Alley’s four-person leadership team has a combined 50 years of textile experience between them.

Linen Alley. Jackson Hole, WY

Listen in as Jennifer talks about the story behind Linen Alley and how it has evolved since Jennifer opened the store 18 years ago. She speaks on the four mattress types that make up the company’s core line, and the secret to creating a high-quality bed that lasts for generations.

She and Beth discuss the different factors that go into optimizing one’s sleep experience, from the impact of weight on the bed to choosing the right pillow. They also offer an in-depth look at why brand partners Hastens and ViSpring are among the best in the industry.

Topics Discussed

  • [02:00] Opening the store and how things have changed over the past 18 years
  • [05:03] How different materials provide different levels of absorbency
  • [06:40] The growth of the Hestens brand
  • [07:43] Creating a “generational” bed
  • [13:31] Linen Alley and Hestens’ ideal customer
  • [18:09] How weight impacts sleep quality and how to choose the right pillow
  • [22:16] What Jennifer has learned since starting the business
  • [23:35] The next “new” thing in sleeping
  • [28:33] Hestens and ViSpring’s amazing customization options
  • [33:58] Linen Alley’s dedication to service

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • Sleep has taken center stage in the last five years when it comes to making our days better. So, I think we should start focusing on how important our sleep is by buying products that help us sleep better. ~Jennifer
  • All of the other brands are trying to get the best priced materials to perform in the way that our all-natural materials already perform. ~Jennifer
  • When you’re building a custom bed, our message to people is: Please come pick your mattress first. ~Beth
Linen Alley

Investment-Quality Mattresses & Fine Linens The perfect handmade bed begins with a solid frame, and a supportive mattress is one of the most important investments you can possibly make. Here at Linen Alley, we provide only the finest in bedroom and bathroom furnishings.

Shop now, online, or at the Linen Alley Showroom in Jackson Hole to choose from a wide range of the most luxurious brands on the market today. Whatever your preference, helping you make every recharge minute count & achieve a great night’s sleep for years to come is our specialty.



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