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8 Bathrooms That Make Everyday, a Spa Day

April showers are now behind us, but luxury showers and other amazing bathrooms are year-round. So give yourself the shower you deserve, and all the other amazing spa-like amenities, every day.

These 8 bathrooms across the BUILD Magazine markets are great examples of bathrooms that exemplify luxury, and would make any spa-lover envious.


1)  Gavan Construction (Whistler, British Columbia, CA)

If you want contemporary design and the ultimate sense of relaxation, this bathroom is for you. It’s minimalistic, but still has everything to make give that spa-like feel, and the amazing woodwork features in the cabinetry and tub space really make you question whether you’re really in your own home, or some luxury vacation spa.


2) Mindful Designs (Whitefish, MT)

Face it, you want to be here. A stunning soaker tub to make the rest of the world fade away for awhile, and sightlines of the beautiful outdoors without a neighbor in sight for miles. The white design also gives a sense of peace and purity to further the fantastic, spa like experience.


3) GM Construction (Kailua-Kona, HI)

Sit down for afternoon drinks in this beautiful Bozeman back yard. Plenty of space to relax and have fun, a fire pit should a chilly day come round, and great views of the big skies. (image courtesy of Blanchford Lanscape)


4) The Clear Creek Group (Jackson, WY)

The ultimate modern spa bathroom. Relax, rinse, repeat! The fully-enclosed glass shower with elongated bench seat makes it easy to have a relaxing shower or steam. The grey tones and expansive space further give you a sense of serenity and peace of mind.


5) Rykon (Okanagan, British Columbia, CA)

There are far too many reasons to fall in love with this bathroom. A soaker tub of your dreams, a stunning multi-head shower, natural and unique lighting, and a clean, white theme. There is little about this space that doesn’t make you think spa.


6) Shower Doors & More (Medford, OR)

This bathroom gives you literal in-home spa. The oversized shower is the ultimate place to wash away a day’s worries, or hop into the clawfoot tub right by it. The beautiful views of your private, treed-in yard will help you forget your troubles and fall into a perfectly relaxed state.


7) Southern Hill Home (Tyler, TX)

The breadth of grandeur of a luxury spa in your home. That’s what this high-end master bath exemplifies. A massive space, with the best of materials and fixtures, gives you all your needs, as well as all the things you don’t but always wanted, like split vanities, a free-standing jacuzzi tub, and a number of other private spaces.


8) Brandner Design (Bozeman, MT)

Simple, clean, and exactly what many dream of from a bathroom. The blend of dark and light tones creates a unique atmosphere, and the immense amount of storage ensures a never-cluttered experience. Add the high-end rain head shower, and you’ll never want to leave.

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