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Finding the Balance Between Implementation, Organization, & Functionality

By Lynn Sully & Ward Stendahl

Theres comfort in a well-organized home and knowing that everything is in its rightful place. A well-organized space also enables your interior design, furnishings and art to truly shine.

Some areas of our homes are naturally more prone to clutter. Whether it’s the catchall nook, mudroom off the garage, or even the laundry room with clothes and shoes abound. You’re not the only one looking for ways to declutter, organize and feel better in your space. Come along our design build team to gain insights on organizing your kitchen, laundry room and garage to be more functional and effective spaces in your home.

NB Design Group (Seattle | Bellevue, WA)
Organize Your Kitchen Like a True Chef

In the kitchen, clutter-free counters aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they also provide ample space for meal prep and plating, and make it easy to keep surfaces germ free and clean. Whenever possible, move smaller appliances into cabinets. Larger or infrequently used countertop appliances can be stored on less accessible shelves or in the pantry. 

If youre embarking on a kitchen renovation and have the space, a walk-in pantry or butlers pantry can help create extra needed space and encourage a clutter-free kitchen. Walk-in pantries provide room for easily organized storage. Butlers pantries include counter space, making them ideal food prep areas for large gatherings or assembling food and drinks out of sight and sound of the main kitchen area. A butlers pantry is also a great location for a wine fridge or small second fridge for cold drinks. 

Preparing for your renovation and realizing you may not have room for a walk-in pantry? You may have space to opt for a custom-built larger cupboard. For dry goods, clear stackable containers are a handy way to maximize space while enabling you to see whats inside at a glance. There are multiple storage options to help you utilize your kitchen  and maximize every inch of usable space to the best of its ability.

Laundry Rooms of Form and Function 

The ideal laundry room includes space for conveniently accessing the washer and dryer; strategically placed shelves and cupboards; a large surface for folding clothing, towels and linens; a hideaway ironing board; and drying racks that can be put away when not in use. A deep utility or modern farmhouse sink is a bonus for soaking stained items and hand-washing delicates. 

Your design-build team can connect you to industry professionals who will help determine which renewable energy systems best suit you based on location, sun exposure, square footage, budget and local zoning requirements.

Geothermal systems are one option. They transfer ground heat to your home in winter, while in the summer, they move heat from your home back into the ground. These systems are popular, as they are an all-in-one furnace and air conditioner. Another option is solar energy to heat and power your home. Adequately sized to your family’s energy use, a solar-based system can also heat a pool or hot tub. 

A thorough architect or builder will be sure to specify hidden features that bolster those energy savings, including proper insulation and walls or rooflines that serve as thermal breaks. The ultimate goal for energy-conscious homeowners is to be “net zero,” where you produce more energy than you use–a financial boon.

When creating a more energy-efficient home, homeowners have many excellent options as the demand for more eco-friendly building increases worldwide.

White Label Interiors (Seattle | Bellevue, WA)
Garages That Showcase Your Car, Tools and Gear 

Its easy for a garage to become a site of chaos and clutter. But it doesnt need to be this way! Take stock of what you have and then work with a designer to plan out a better approach. Storage cabinets should be made of durable materials that can handle seasonal temperature shifts and hold heavy loads. Slatwall panels enable you to maximize wall space for storing ladders, gardening tools, bikes, ski equipment and more. Dont forget the coveted space above your head! Ceiling-mounted racks are great for seasonal and infrequently used items – from sports equipment and vehicle accessories to holiday decorations. 

Baldhead Cabinets (National Partner)
Dont Overlook Your Mudroom

Active lifestyles mean gear. Lots of gear. Your mudroom is a great place for storing gear, bags, rain coats, jackets, seasonal boots, and more. Take advantage of all the available space with full-sized closets and shelving. And when it comes to flooring, easily cleaned, durable surfaces are a must. 

Think Better, Not Necessarily Bigger

Feeling constrained by your existing floor space? What once was your dream home may seem to be something you’re outgrowing. It could be that smart design choices are holding your back from unlocking your luxury homes true potential and creating the storage you need for a clean and clutter-free living space. 

Photo by Gibeon Photography | Studio H Design (Big Sky, MT)
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