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Embracing Materials That Make Your House a Home

Bringing Out The Personality of Your Home 

by Lynn Sully

Many of the materials in our homes serve a structural purpose. However, they are increasingly being chosen for their aesthetic contributions as well. Concrete, stone, wood, metal, and porcelain can all play a role in parts of your home, and each has a personality of its own.

In the past, concrete or steel weight-bearing beams and columns would have been dry-walled over or concealed. Today, these architectural elements are often left exposed to highlight the structure’s authenticity and emphasize the inherent beauty and strength of the material itself. These characteristics can also emulate the climate, environment, and more no matter if you live in Aspen l Vail, Las Vegas, or Scottsdale.

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The trend toward biophilic design and increasing emphasis on sustainability is reflected in the growing popularity of natural materials such as stone floors and walls, sisal rugs, wool carpets, wood, bamboo, and cork.

Wood species, whether used for flooring, walls, furniture, or accent features, are a popular way to create connections to your region whether it be overlooking the mountains in Jackson Hole, the coastline in Naples, or the forests of Sun Valley and alike. With its variety of colors, grains, and surface finishes, wood is a versatile, durable, sustainable, and affordable material. Think beyond your wood floors to wall paneling and ceilings.

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Stone is another timeless material. Whether you choose granite, limestone, marble or other natural stones, these unique materials can add color, solidity and a sense of permanence to floors, countertops and walls. Many engineered stones offer the appearance of natural stone without the need for maintenance.

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Metals are very trendy for light fixtures and accents and appear as wall surfaces and feature elements in both traditional and modern interiors.

Porcelain tiles are another solid choice that strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Porcelain works well with in-floor radiant heat options, making it an ideal surface for kitchen and bathroom floors.

Porcelain’s prevalence in laundry rooms and entryways is proof of its durability. The past few years have seen an increasing trend towards large format tiles for residential settings, where they are valued for their clean visuals and minimal grout lines.

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Finally, keep in mind that your material choices will have a material impact – on your budget, certainly, but also on ecosystems, carbon emissions, and local economies. Choosing sustainably sourced local materials is a great way to support the local economy and reduce your carbon footprint while bringing the beauty of the natural world into your home.

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