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Six Must Haves in Your Custom Home

Elements to a Superior Custom Home

Whether you’re looking for, have found, or are building the custom home of your dreams, it is essential to incorporate specific elements you appreciate to not only enhance your well-being but showcase your personality. Our Build Magazine Partners comprise a vast array of professional Custom Home Builders in fifteen resort locations like Santa Fe, Whitefish, Palm Beach, and Hawaii who will collaborate with you to accomplish your vision.

1. An Open Floor Plan

Initially, you may want to consider an expansive floor plan which serves a multitude of purposes. Increasing square footage opens the home, adds equity, and creates an elevated experience.

Open floor plans curate an easy flow through the home as you traverse from room to room. Incorporate luxury furniture, high-end finishings, and ornate home decor enhancing each space and imbuing it with personality and charm.

New West Building CompanyJackson Hole, WY
Germania ConstructionPark City, UT

2. Ample Admirable Amenities

Luxury amenities are essential when designing or building your dream home. Amenities like custom pools, lavish garages, pool houses, and outdoor living spaces are beneficial for both self-care and entertainment.

Taking a dip in a pool alleviates stress, serves as a phenomenal workout, and is an excellent perk for entertaining friends and family– the same can be said for spas and hot tubs – enhancing the overall experience and ambiance of your home.

Dickinson General ContractingHawaii
BM BuildersPalm Beach, FL

3. Enticing Elements

Elements in a home can range from exposed brick and wood to marble and quartz countertops, as well as metal or bronze finishings. It’s important to prioritize the elements which align with your unique style and bring the best attributes to your home. Likewise, if you want to incorporate ample light from the sun and fresh air with dominating windows, that delivers a fresh and airy feel, turning your house into a home.

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Vera Iconica ArchitectureJackson Hole, WY
Sciame HomesPalm Beach, FL

4. A Dream Kitchen

The kitchen, the heart of the home, the place you will inevitably make invaluable memories, is worth pursuing. Your kitchen is where family and friends congregate and enjoy each other and delicious food and beverages. The kitchen is prioritized on your list when designing or building your home. It serves an array of purposes and should showcase all the accouterments of luxury.

Sanctuary Interior DesignersBig Sky, MT
Alisha TaylorScottsdale, AZ

5. Beautiful Bathrooms

Your bathroom, the place where you begin and end your day, should be nothing short of a sanctuary. Getting ready in a luxury bathroom is the perfect start to any day. Imagine reflecting and envisioning in a tranquil space that can set your day up for success and joy. A few other things to consider is having ample room to prepare for any day, event, or climate. As you wrap up your day and remove yourself from the world’s hustle and bustle, envelop yourself in warm bubbly cascades in your soaking tub as you sip on your favorite beverage.

Beachfront BuildersPalm Beach, FL
Olsen HomePark City, UT

6. Breathtaking Bedrooms

Last and certainly not least is your bedroom, your slice of paradise in the grand oasis of your home. Your primary bedroom is a space you can lounge, reflect and rejuvenate. This private room is all yours. You can easily design to the last detail and ensure the perfect finishing touches are added.

Whitney BloomPalm Beach, FL
Jacobs + InteriorsVail, CO
Allison Campbell DesignPark City, UT
Jacque BethkeScottsdale, AZ

Our Build Magazine partners have a team of industry leaders in several categories dedicated to home styling, home creation, and home renovation. You can find our top Architects of Bend, exquisite home builders in Arizona, and interior designers in Jackson Hole. If you aren’t ready to break ground on or begin your custom home just yet, don’t hesitate to search through our Build Magazine home blog.

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