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Little Details that Make A Big Impact

Small Details that Win Big

Though the big picture is certainly important, it’s the finer details that bring your home aesthetic together. Home decor, interior design, and interior finishings can completely change the feel of a home depending on how they’re done, so you have an incredible amount of creative freedom.

So, what’s the best way to implement all of these small details? We’ve put together a few tips in our home blog to get you started.

122 WestWhistler Sea to Sky, BC

Home Decor

Home decor is by far the most fluid part of a home and can be changed to fit your persona, the area, seasons, or even just a whim, so there’s absolutely no pressure. If you end up with a result you aren’t in love with, it’s a simple matter to alter, update, or replace it altogether.

If you want a more modern feel for a location such as Las Vegas, Nevada, make use of a simple, muted color palette alongside some ambient lighting. If you’re going for something closer to Palm Beach, Florida’s beach houses, lighter-colored decor alongside a few tropical plants is an excellent option. There aren’t any strict rules; just change things up however you want!

Sea to Sky CeramicsWhistler Sea to Sky, BC

Interior Design

Interior design takes a house and turns it into a home that earns a deserved title as a luxury home. This includes elements such as countertops, wooden paneling, windows, and other luxurious add-ons.

If you live in an area like Whitefish, Montana that’s known for its natural beauty, take advantage of the scenery by focusing on the windows. This will provide a stunning view of your surroundings and provide your luxury home with natural lighting, bringing a rustic feel without sacrificing luxury.

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[Temac] Development IncScottsdale, AZ

Interior Finishings

Interior finishing is a similar process to interior design but still has its distinctions. Interior finishings include trim, light fixtures, flooring, paint, and much more. The route you take with your finishes will be largely influenced by your creative decisions during the interior design stage.

Walker ZangerLas Vegas, NV

The aesthetic, color scheme, and environment you want to capture should be consistent between both stages, but it’s not a set-in-stone process. For example, you could go for a true color match to keep the theme consistent, or you could introduce some contrast to make the small details pop. Like always, this is your dream home, so find the style that suits you most!

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If you’re looking forward to finally adding the finishing touches to your home, but still need some advice, feel free to read through our blog where you’ll be sure to find a lot of home inspiration. Build Magazine, we work to bring our readers the best home styling and home tips there are, ensuring you’ll be able to make your dream home a reality.

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