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Luxury Living Rooms You’d Never Want to Leave

Loungeworthy Livings Rooms We Love

The living room: a place where families can bond, friends can gather, and memories can be made. As such, it should be given special attention, allowing these treasured memories to be made within a stunning space.

Wherever your home inspiration draws from your living room is an environment that can and should be tailored to your liking, whether that’s a modern paradise or there’s an emphasis on the scenery outside. No matter what you decide to do, going the extra mile and paying attention to detail will create a lavish space that your neighbors will envy and you won’t want to leave.

Calusa BayNaples, FL

When designing your living room, you should have a plan in mind. Whether you’re browsing different home blogs, googling images for inspiration, or thumbing through magazines it’s best to have a core idea in mind.

For example, if you want to appreciate the scenery, you should emphasize the view through the window. To accomplish this, use minimalistic decor that doesn’t get in the way of the outdoor scenery.

In addition, placing the windows to the east gives you the perfect beginning to each day, watching the sun break the horizon. This style works best when paired with a nature-rich area such as Whitefish, Montana, whose vast mountain ranges provide an unforgettable view.

Mindful DesignsWhitefish, MT

Do you find yourself hosting different events throughout the year? Are you active in various social circles?

If so, you may want to take more of a luxury lounge angle. Though a window view still contributes to the aesthetic as a whole, you’ll want to focus more on the home interior. As such, you should place the windows such that they face a pool or yard area, rather than natural scenery that would draw attention away from the decor.

Russel & CO.Park City, UT
Cement EleganceBend, OR

As for the decor, a more extravagant approach is sure to impress your guests. On the other hand, taking the minimalistic route creates a relaxed environment, perfect to kick back and enjoy a few drinks with friends. A lounge environment is most compatible with a bustling urban area such as Park City, Utah, or Whistler, British Columbia.

Red Door Home DesignSun Valley, ID
True North BuildersScottsdale, AZ

Regardless of your aesthetic, furniture, or finishings designing your living room should spare no expense. This room is a sanctuary in your home that will house many memories, laughs, events, and much more. That’s why careful planning and consideration allow your dream living room to be appreciated and fawned over, giving family and friends alike a peaceful and refined haven to enjoy for years to come.

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