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Renovation Revival – Five Build Partners Weigh In

Are you thinking about renovating or remodeling? You are not alone. Homeowners often renovate their houses, either cosmetically or structurally. The question is whether to renovate the whole home or just freshen up a room or two. The latter is easier to accomplish and grants more immediate satisfaction than a lengthy whole-house remodel. However, a complete renovation improves all the living spaces at once.

Accent RenovationsOkanagan, BC

The most popular rooms to upgrade are kitchens and bathrooms. Still, you might consider a whole-house overhaul if your home is older or outdated. Whether you’re thinking of redoing one room or have visions of gutting your home and starting from scratch – the first step is to consult with a reputable architect and builder to envision the possibilities.


Hank Hill, owner of Bend Craftsmen Company in Bend, Oregon, explains, “When renovating homes, we have noticed clients like to retain a small piece of the original energy of their homes and mix that with modern, more functional materials and layouts.” Hill continues, “Mixing and contrasting textures for a mountain modern luxury theme have been trending for a while. However, we predict more urban design to continue to grow in popularity as Bend continues to see transplants from big cities.”

Bend Craftsmen CompanyBend, OR
Ward Blake ArchitectsJackson Hole, WY

This past year, Mitch Blake of Ward & Blake Architects in Jackson, Wyoming, has seen an uptick in renovations of existing homes. “We had a homeowner who wanted to convert a group of bedrooms into a large master suite with an office, exercise room, and en-suite bathroom.” The owners wanted to create that luxurious spa-like feeling in their master bathroom with high-end fixtures, a glass-encased shower and an oversized jetted tub.


“Investing money in a renovation makes good sense,” says Jeff Sininger, Director of Accent Renovations in Kelowna, British Columbia. “You can take the money you would spend on buying a new house – including the non -inconsequential Realtor and moving fees – and invest that equity back into your current home.”

Bjornsen BuildersJackson Hole, WY
Marvel Pro ContractingOkanagan, BC

Jeff Bjornsen, owner of Bjornsen Builders in Jackson, Wyoming, has spent much of the past year renovating homes in Jackson. “Kitchens have made up the majority of our remodels, as folks want more space in this vital room,” says Bjornsen. “These high-investment areas may need new plumbing and electrical updates that embrace today’s current technologies.”


Chris Barton of Marvel Pro Contracting & Renovations, located in Kelowna, British Columbia, explains how renovations can be a short-term or long-term investment. “A renovation is a guaranteed pay-off whether you are looking to sell in the near future or want to improve your home for long-term living.”

While buying a new property is still an option, many of us love our neighbors, neighborhood, and community. Why not create a home that reflects your current lifestyle needs without having to pull up stakes?

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