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At a very young age, Abigail was asking for a subscription to Architectural Digest. She studied its pages diligently while visualizing new homes and renovations to the ones she lived in.

Today, Abigail turns houses into homes that reflect the homeowners’ personalities, priorities, and styles. She highlights the beauty and seasons of the homes’ natural surroundings and elevates everyday life with creative, tailored details.

Abigail’s fervent interest in interior architecture evolved from living in various homes with incredible detailing, having a master carpenter and builder as a father, and living in many parts of New England, absorbing those architectural traditions. She also has a passion for traveling and taking in cultures, styles, and perspectives, which influence her designs and allow her to meet various clients’ needs and tastes.

With the combined understanding and talent in architectural design, interior design, remodel restoration, and interior architecture – Abigail’s homes are well planned, thoroughly functioning, tastefully unique, and timelessly beautiful.

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