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As small of a detail as it may seem, your choice of flooring truly completes a room. With such a vast array of flooring options available, you should be sure to find the perfect match for your luxury home. After all, this is a place where countless treasured memories will be made.

Whether it’s the laughter of friends, the pitter patter of children, or a romantic home date, countless life events will happen on this floor. If you’re looking for home inspiration, we’ve put together a few flooring ideas to get you started.

EuroplexWhistler Sea to Sky, BC
Advanced Concrete SolutionsJackson Hole, WY

For a classic elegant look, you can’t go wrong with wooden floors. There’s something about the natural touch it brings that just can’t be replicated. Not to mention the charm and character that wood floors bring to a home.

When choosing the type of wood to use for your flooring, keep the rest of the house in mind. If your house has an opulent, almost regal feel to it, a darker wood will only add to that refinement. However, a cozier, more relaxed home you’d see in areas such as Bend, Oregon could stand to benefit from a more rustic addition. Pairing light wood flooring alongside other wooden elements accomplishes this perfectly, making it an excellent option.

Stromberg Moore HardwoodSun Valley, ID

Taking a life-cycle approach to material choice can also reduce a home’s carbon footprint. That might mean choosing materials with lower levels of embodied carbon, such as wood over steel. It could also mean paying a little more to buy hot water heaters and HVAC systems built to last and won’t need to be replaced in the short term.

Naples Flooring CompanyNaples, FL
Okanagan Hardwood FloorsOkanagan, BC

However, if you want to go the relaxed route, concrete flooring may be just the thing you’re after. Though it may make you think of boring industrial buildings and pavement, concrete is actually an excellent choice for minimalistic flooring.

Smooth, polished concrete flooring is the perfect complement to a trendy, upscale custom home. Homes in areas such as Naples, Florida already trend towards a more modern feel, so if you want to really make that look stand out, we highly recommend a concrete floor.

Abbey Carpet & FloorNaples, FL

Your home should be a haven, a place for memories to be made, life to be cherished, and relaxation to be had. A good sense of style can help you turn it into the paradise of your dreams.

If you need more ideas to accomplish the perfect style for your home, feel free to check out our home blog for more inspiration! We at Build Magazine understand the importance of a well-designed home and work day and night to bring you the ideas that will make your dream home a reality.

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