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Japanese Inspired Bathrooms – Natural Simplicity

Implementing Natural Materials Flawlessly

by Annie Allard

With the current interest in Wellness Architecture and design, a Japanese-style bathroom is a perfect choice for our busy lives. A Japanese bathroom, first and foremost, embraces simplicity and natural material choices such as wood or ceramic. The best part is is that you can implement a Japanese inspired bathroom no matter where you live, whether it be in the deserts of New Mexico, the forests of Bend, Oregon, or even the valleys in Okanagan and beyond.

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It would not be unheard of to have a small bookcase with some inspirational books next to a simple chair or a ceremonial tea cabinet to help foster total decompression from a hectic day. A Japanese-style bathroom offers comfort and refuge for all the senses. A place where you can sip green tea while you soak in your oversized cypress wood tub.

Visualize a simple zen-like space, dimly lit with a large soaking tub, sturdy furniture, basin sinks, and wooden benches within a minimalist interior design in natural colors. The bathroom is a space you claim as your own to unwind, decompress, and reflect. There is no easier way to do this than with a calm and tranquil environment like overlooking the mountains of Big Sky or the coastline of Palm Beach.

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The Japanese have championed the art of simplicity and adopted some of the Chinese Feng Shui design elements for ease and flow throughout this living space. Seamless design is an exciting building trend, and a Japanese bathroom is the epitome of both seamless and wellness design.

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These lovely spaces can incorporate a visually pleasing rock garden or vertical succulent garden. Add Shoji screens for privacy and bamboo slat floors for drainage. Other considerations for this space revolve around cleanliness and hygiene.

Installing anti-microbial and non-slip tile support at-home safety and easy clean-up. A Japanese-Style Bathroom is perfect for today’s homeowners who truly appreciate their bath time.

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