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The Right Design-Build Team Makes All The Difference

Navigating Your Dream Build

Building a new home whether it be in Park City or Palm Beach is a massive undertaking of planning, procurement and construction that relies on the expertise of dozens of skilled professionals and tradespeople. It is a complex process, which means it doesn’t always unfold as planned.

Permits might not be approved as quickly as expected, supply chain issues can impact the delivery of materials, and unpredictable weather like heavy snow in Okanagan or tropical storms in Hawaii can delay construction.

Hedrick Brothers ConstructionPalm Beach, FL
Highland Custom HomesPark City, UT

Professionals working in the industry know how to mitigate these risks, anticipate what to expect, and put steps in place from the beginning to guide you through the process.

When you take the time to work with an architect or designer to get the design nailed down, you minimize the risks of the project going off schedule or off-budget. Supply chain issues quickly become schedule issues and budget issues.

Quilter ConstructionPark City, UT
Prull Custom Homes| Hoopes ArchitectureSanta Fe, NM

Another example – procuring the materials to build a custom home, where the average new home may have 20,000 individual components – from the siding and aluminum soffits to the windows, flooring, appliances and hardware.

Ordering all those items and making sure they are available when needed requires extraordinary project management skills. That’s where relying on a trusted builder and designer with experience, contacts and know-how can save you considerable stress, time and money.

Staying flexible is also important, as was seen during 2021 when supply chain issues made front-page news, with lumber prices escalating significantly and windows, insulation and other essential components hard to find.

An experienced design team and builder can help you identify alternatives when things don’t go to plan, introducing you to options you might not have considered, but that will allow the project to move ahead. When clients are unable to source their original product choice due to supply chain issues, homeowners need to trust the builder’s suggestion of a local alternative.

Leparadise Building and DevelopmentPalm Beach, FL
Woodstyle HomesOkanagan, BC
The Cape
Kettle River TimberworksWhistler Sea-to-Sky, BC
JH BuildersJackson Hole, WY

Examples like this reinforce the importance of hiring a builder you can trust. Open lines of communication and an ongoing commitment to collaboration go a long way to ensuring the success of a project. It is essential to take the time at the start of the process to get to know the builder and build a relationship with them.

A solid client-architect-builder relationship like the ones Build Magazine partners in Bend, Santa Fe, Sun Valley, and all of our other markets offer makes the building process more likely to be smooth and enjoyable, where everyone brings their expertise to the table. And ensuring that everyone has the flexibility to deal with any unexpected situations that arise because inevitably they will.

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