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Implementing Natural Elements Throughout Your Home

Interior Design Trends of Scottsdale, Arizona
by Ownby Designs

Although no two clients, or projects, are the same, we have seen several underlying themes and requests from our client’s briefs – as of late. From floor plans to style preferences, we have seen a continuous shift in preferences from our clients and projects.

It is no surprise that indoor-outdoor living has continued to be a priority. Many clients are requesting their indoor spaces reflect themes and natural elements outside the home. Many of our clients have moved to Arizona specifically because of the regional landscape.


They want their interiors and exteriors to add to the natural beauty of the environment rather than creating a stark contrast between the two spaces. Many homeowners are requesting an overall aesthetic of light, bright and airy throughout the home, with warm elements incorporated through impactful textures and organic touches.

Light putty and taupe colors are used more often in soft goods, hard goods, and paint choices. Overall, we have seen a decline in requests for pure white across all projects. Altogether, we have been working with limited and intentional palettes, keeping it very specific and consistent across all spaces.


With the theme of bringing natural elements indoors, we have seen a specific increase in clients asking to incorporate wood in more unexpected ways. We even designed a wood ceiling for a project that spanned from the outdoor patio all the way into the heart of the home for a softer, more organic feeling. Clients are also very specific with the types of wood being used, gravitating towards lighter tones with more natural wood colors and exposed grains.


Overall, with furniture, we have seen a considerable shift toward softer edges and curved shapes in the most unexpected ways. We are continuing that overall movement away from manufactured harsh lines and angular pieces.

Regarding specifics in textiles, clients want low-maintenance, durable fibers wherever possible. This was a theme we traditionally saw in family-oriented homes, but we now see it in almost every home, no matter the family make-up.

Several clients have even gravitated towards genuinely outdoor-specific fabric options. That being said, the final choices have depended on comfort and materials with the perfect balance of being long-lasting but still soft and inviting to the touch.



About The author

Ownby Design

Claire Ownby is the mastermind at the helm of Ownby Design. She formed Ownby after receiving her formal education from Arizona State and finishing an internship with a custom home builder who combined architecture and interiors during the height of the housing boom of the early 2000s.


Ownby is set apart because of our deep knowledge of construction. We have vast experience and a unique aesthetic due to the youthfulness of our firm.



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