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Episode 88: The Law of Attraction – Samuel Lynne Galleries with JD Miller

Ted speaks with JD Miller who owns Samuel Lynne Galleries with Phil Romano. He covers everything from his alternative path to joining the art business, discovering great artists who make an impact, and building an empire of galleries at a time when many others aren’t succeeding.

Based in Dallas, TX, JD now has galleries spread across the US, and talks with Ted about how he initially got his start and the direction he’s headed next.

From his start in the music business, his transition into radio, to his 3rd career in art – JD Miller shares his incredible story, including his belief that if you have a positive attitude good things will come your way.

JD MILLER Sky Hawk 60x36 HI REZ no frame


  • [2:35] JD’s background
  • [4:07] When did you find a passion for art?
  • [5:25]  Is art trainable or innate?
  • [7:30] JD’s business partner: Macaroni Grill, Fuddruckers, Heart Stents, and a leap of faith 
  • [20:00] The gallery and finding David Yarrow
  • [ 31:35] Life before making money with his art, and transitioning to art full time
  • [37:18] Why aren’t galleries succeeding anymore?
  • [43:43] Clint Black and the worst weather Dallas has ever seen
  • [46:45] Learning from mentors
  • [49:00] The vision going forward and the law of attraction
  • [53:34] Wrap up


JD Miller | Samuel Lynne Galleries


  • I’ve been really fortunate to work with some true geniuses in this business and David Yarrow is the most. He’s not only a brilliant photographer, a brilliant artist, but he’s the most brilliant branding and marketing person I’ve ever dealt with. 
  • The other thing about David is he’s one of these guys that he knows everybody, the most famous people in the world, wherever he is, he’s just a magnet. 
  • You know, it’s changed so much. There are very few brick and mortar galleries that are really, really doing well. You know, a lot of it’s gone online and we’re an exception.


Samuel Lynne Galleries is an art destination in Dallas and the realization of the dream of artist JD Miller and entrepreneur Philip Romano, which came to fruition in 2008. The mission of this state-of-the-art, award-winning local art gallery in Dallas is to represent a very select group of artists, each with a unique vision and message within the contemporary art world. The gallery presents annual exhibition programming, as well as conversations with collectors and professionals within the art world that develops and creates a new interaction within the community.


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