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Episode 61: Building in Different Environments & Climates with Terry Cudmore, of Cudmore Builders

Today Ted speaks with Terry Cudmore, President of Cudmore Builders. He established the South Florida-based luxury homebuilder in 1991.

Listen in as Terry looks back at his journey traveling over the decades from his native Montreal, to London, to Houston, and finally, down to Palm Beach in 1987 where he chose to dedicate his career to the custom homebuilding industry.

Terry discusses the differences in taste between wealthy homeowners around the country, and even those within Florida. He explains how he is able to set expectations with clients from the very beginning so that he is able to filter out which clients to let go, and which to follow through with.

Cudmore Builders
Ted & Terry Cudmore

He talks about changing trends in the homebuilding industry, including revisiting homes that have gone out of fashion. Terry even mentions working on one particular “de-Tuscanization” project for a client who wished to modernize their home.

Finally, Terry explains how he has been navigating this year’s economic uncertainties and how he sees not just the future of his business, but also of the homebuilding industry as a whole.

Topics Discussed

  • How Terry got into the custom homebuilding business
  • Lessons learned from doing business during a recession
  • Finding clients in South Florida
  • Partnering with the right architect and interior designer
  • What keeps Terry excited about the industry
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Whether there is still demand for golf courses
  • Building in different environments and climates
  • Passing the business to the next generation
  • The importance of being passionate about your career

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • The only things involved in the homebuilding industry are time, money, and quality.
  • Building a custom home is a team effort. It is the homeowner, builder, architect, landscape architect, and interior designer. It’s important that everybody is on the same page.
CUdmore Builders

At Cudmore Builders our objective is to create value for our clients through quality craftsmanship and professional execution while creating an enjoyable building experience.

Every project is approached with an open mind based on the clients the wants, needs, and budget. We collaborate with clients, thoroughly understanding their requirements and constraints to achieve the best outcome for a project everyone can be proud of. Our “team approach” with skilled designers, talented architects and dedicated subcontractors ensures that each project comes together seamlessly with the client’s desires as everyone’s priority.



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