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Episode 89: Sustainable Landscaping Practices – Micah Barker from Bioscapes Hawaii

Ted speaks with Micah Barker from Bioscapes Hawaii about environmentally friendly landscaping. He focuses on creating regenerative landscapes that are non toxic, environmentally sound, and resource conservative over the long-term. From educating clients about intelligent landscaping to the scalability of sustainable landscape practices, this episode covers a topic that is becoming more important to the building community as customers become more thoughtful about their impact on the environment.

Micah explains the challenges of educating clients and the building community about the need for sustainable landscaping practices. He shares his vision for Bioscapes Hawaii and the importance of early adopters in promoting environmentally friendly landscaping. Micah also discusses the scalability of his concept and the potential for collaboration with similar companies. The conversation highlights the perseverance and innovation required to create sustainable solutions in the landscaping industry.


  • [01:29] Appreciating the Landscape of Hawaii
  • [02:03] Micah’s Background and the Start of Bioscapes Hawaii
  • [03:00] The Unique Biomes of Hawaii
  • [04:23] Challenges and Opportunities of Landscaping in Hawaii
  • [05:15] Intelligent Landscaping and Water Conservation
  • [06:23] Building on Lava Fields and Environmental Impact
  • [09:01] The Need for Education and Awareness with clients
  • [12:13] Starting and the Vision for Bioscapes Hawaii
  • [13:30] Early adopters
  • [15:15] The Comparison to Other Environmental Movements
  • [16:00] Similar companies but his business is unique
  • [21:00] Intelligent Design and being an innovative entrepreneur
  • [25:41] The Importance of Patience and Surfing Analogy
  • [26:15] Conclusion and Appreciation


Micah Barker | Bioscapes Hawaii


  • That was the purpose of the company was to deliver an intelligent model of developing along the coast that was not so destructive to the coastal ecosystem.
  • Our plants, they grow better: less pest, less water, less problems.
  • Our intelligent design is about doing things that are of place that are rooted in the place where they’re being done.


Upon discovering widespread coral reef and anchialine pond deterioration along the west coast of Hawai’i Island, Micah Barker founded the landscaping company Bioscape Hawaii in 2011 to offer a new paradigm of resort residential landscape development focusing on stewardship of the land and natural resources of Hawai’i. We are a licensed and insured landscape contractor dedicated to environmental stewardship. Our staff holds certifications in Irrigation, Soft-scape Installation, and Ornamental Maintenance from the National Association of Landscape Professionals.