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Meet the Top Architects & Designers of Bend, OR

Admirable Architects

When envisioning your dream home, an Architect is an essential piece of the equation. Most architects have a unique sense of style and field of expertise. As they each bring their own creative vision to the design process, the architect you choose to design your dream home will affect the end result.

It’s important to find an architect whose aesthetics align with what you envision for your home. Someone who understands and values your vision and ideas, allowing for effective communication to co-create a home you can love and admire for years to come.

Meet our talented team of architects in the Bend, Oregon, area. Each possesses a multitude of skills and are master of their craft.

Eric Meglasson

Eric Meglasson

With over two decades of experience in Bend, Oregon, Eric Meglasson has a diverse portfolio, from tiny retreats to net-zero compounds. With a Master’s degree in Architecture, he previously traveled across the world for his studies before settling down in Bend. His travels have given him an appreciation for a variety of styles and the role nature plays in architecture.

Erik Oldham

Erik Oldham Architect

Erik Oldham’s philosophy is to serve as an architectural guide rather than leading the project. Instead, as the client, he allows you to take the lead to ensure your dream home is as accurate to your vision for it as possible.

Norman Building & Design
O’Brien & Company

Norman Building & Design

Norman Building & Design specializes in creating timeless homes that will be appreciated for generations. Their designs convey a sense of comfort that suits the Bend lifestyle. Norman Building & Design partners with each client, serving as the single point of managing only one design-build contract. With 43 years of successful business, they’re veterans of Bend, Oregon, home design.

O’Brien & Company

The people of O’Brien & Company understand the importance of communication and planning during the design process and have made it their top priority. O’Brien’s has designed resorts, breweries and dream homes throughout Oregon. They take your creative vision, necessities, and limitations into account, ensuring that your home is unique to you, not just another cookie-cutter house.

Pacwest Builders

Pacwest Builders

Pacwest Builders aims to create breathtaking and timeless homes. Pacwest has both Design & Build teams on staff and will spearhead the process every step of the way, ensuring their client’s expectations are surpassed. Pacwest has made a commitment to transparency and efficiency without compromising quality and upholding it with each project.

Pacwest Builders

Choosing an architect to curate your custom dream home is certainly a process. That’s why the Build Team elicits some of the top designers that span the US and Canada. Enjoy our home blog full of other tips, tricks, and suggestions for curating, styling, and customizing your dream home. If you’re not in the Bend area and in need of an architect, check our other locations for a renowned architect near you!

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