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A home that is uniquely yours

How do you define yourself? What are the pursuits that inspire you? When youre embarking on a redesign renovation or new build, consider creating a home that reflects your passions – whether thats meditating or making music, building muscle or creating crafts. 

Blue Ribbon Builders | Big Sky, MT

If you have the space, a kitted-out home gym offers the ultimate in convenience, And when it comes to fitness equipment, there are more options now than ever before. Weight benches and free weights have now been joined by functional trainers, wall-mounted Mirror and Tonal screens, stationary bikes, rowing machines and treadmills. 

Nikari Homes (Vancouver | Whistler, BC)

Needing more time for zen? A designated yoga or meditation room can be crafted easily to provide ample space to reconnect. If reading is your idea of zen dedicate a specific spot in your home for a library that encompasses your vision and helps you escape to a place of unparalleled tranquility.

Hosting friends and events at home can be great entertainment and can help create lasting memories. Enhance your home for hosting by implementing a wet bar. A bar space that that showcases your prized bottles of spirits, collection of glassware and bartending accoutrements will enable you to craft cocktails in style. A built-in fridge and bar sink are just the starting point, with a wealth of customizable options to consider. If youre beginning to collect wine, invest in a designated wine fridge to keep your investment bottles at just the right temperature and humidity for long-term storage.

A hobby room or home studio are becoming increasingly popular. Whether youre into gaming, crafting, woodworking, collecting or playing a musical instrument, having a designated space is a great motivator. Your designer can help turn your vision into fruition through storage solutions, shelving systems, and the overall room layout as well as recommending sound-proofing strategies. 

Blue Ribbon Builders (Big Sky, MT)

Hybrid work is the way of the future for many professionals. Working efficiently from home requires planning and thoughtful execution. Invest in the furnishings and design details that create a work environment where you can be efficient and productive. Standing desks, ergonomic chairs, adjustable task lighting and sound-dampening wall materials for Zoom meetings are essential. Customized built-in shelving will help create a clutter-free work area to promote focus.

My House Design/Build/Team (Vancouver | Whistler, BC)

A fulfilled life is one of balance, where we have the time and space to focus on the activities that nourish us. Creating areas in our home for pursing our passions is a way to affirm their importance and, perhaps, ensure that we continue to pursue them.

By Lynn Sully & Ward Stendahl

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