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Episode 56: Navigating the Marriages of Architecture with CP Drewett, of Drewett Works Architect

Today Ted speaks with CP Drewett, President of Drewett Works. The architectural firm was founded in 2001 and has since amassed a vast portfolio focusing on luxury residential, hospitality, and commercial projects.

CP’s work has been published in magazines such as The Robb Report, Phoenix Home & Garden, AZ Foothills Magazine, Western Interiors, and Luxe Magazine, among others. Additionally, his projects have won countless awards, including Home of the Year (2018) and Room of the Year (2019) at the Best in American Living Awards.

Drewett Works. Scottsdale, AZ
Drewett Works. Scottsdale, AZ

Listen in as CP looks back on an upbringing that led to his passion for architecture, as well as his unique, faith-based approach to business and design. He talks about how he reconciles his penchant for minimalism with the client’s vision.

He also explains what led to his decision to open two overseas offices, in Serbia and Poland, and the biggest lessons learned from managing remote, multicultural teams.

Topics Discussed

  • [06:28] CP’s background and early career
  • [12:33] Establishing Drewett Works and the firm’s first few projects
  • [18:05] CP’s architectural philosophy
  • [20:30] Finding a balance between CP’s personal vision and his client’s desires
  • [23:53] How CP injects minimalism into different design styles
  • [29:36] Getting the opportunity to build behind The Ritz-Carlton
  • [39:13] Setting up offices in Serbia and Poland and managing the remote team
  • [50:15] Staying grounded in the industry
  • [53:15] Keeping up with the latest technologies
  • [57:40] What CP has learned from his teams in Serbia and Poland

Connect with Guest

Key Quotes from Episode

  • Architecture is a series of marriages: architect-to-client; art-to-science; building-to-site. It’s one big covenant and I need to steward it and make sure it touches history.
  • Modern architecture flows out of me naturally; but, I’ve never had a style that I failed to embrace.
  • One of the things I try to do here is promote individual talents.
  • Culture is the equalizer that enables the sale.
DRewett Works Architecture

Located in Old Town Scottsdale, Drewett Works is one of the most awarded and published architecture firms in the area. Focusing on the luxury industry, the boutique firm specializes in the upper end of both residential and end-user commercial building projects.

With a detail-focused team and extensive exposure to the use of high-end finishes, Drewett Works is regarded for its attention to detail and the use of only the best materials and craftsmen.



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