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All of Life and Business Is About Location with Ric DeMarco | Friends of Build Magazine #77

Ted speaks with Ric DeMarco from DeMarco Design & Building in Bend, Oregon. For decades, DeMarco Design & Building has painstakingly designed and built one custom home at a time in the surrounding area and watched Bend transform. Today, Ric shares that transformation and the wide range of homes he’s built around the region.

Today Ted speaks with Ric DeMarco from DeMarco Design & Building in Bend, Oregon. 47 years ago, Ric DeMarco moved to Bend and started designing one custom home at a time for the residents of the region. 

His portfolio covers a large range of styles and designs, and he’s watched Bend change into the city it is today. In addition to designing and building beautifully unique custom homes, Ric talks about his journey as an author, a mentor, an entrepreneur, and a soon to be musician. Wearing so many hats, Ric keeps his head straight on his shoulders by listening deeply to his clients and building meaningful relationships. Join us as Ted learns about the man behind the designs of some of the best homes in Bend, Oregon.



  • [1:40] 47 years in Bend
  • [3:20] How a great attitude can shape a career
  • [4:30] The skilled labor shortage
  • [7:50] Ric’s mentorship journey through the years
  • [9:00] How has Bend and the housing market changed in the last 47 years
  • [15:00] What keeps you excited about building after all these years?
  • [17:33] Evolving design styles throughout the years
  • [19:50] Listening to the buyers and collaborating to build a dream home
  • [21:30] Interior design and the value of it
  • [23:15] Writing books and having a creative outlet
  • [26:00] Business ventures outside of building
  • [30:15] What technology are people looking for in their homes in Bend?
  • [35:23] How did the pandemic affect building in Bend?
  • [36:20] What’s the vision 5 years from now?



  • You know, when people say people don’t want to work, I don’t know if that’s a true statement. I think people do want to work. There are just literally not enough bodies out there, I don’t think.
  • People want to… you know, everyone’s concerned about urban sprawl, but you know, let’s face it, we’re a dynamic growing town soon to become a city, and we need to be thinking ahead 20, 30 years, and unfortunately, I think a lot of our planning is reactive instead of proactive.
  • But my thing about designing and building a home is the process should be as good as a product. If it’s not a life-giving process to do this, and our process is two to three years on some of these homes, why would you do it if it’s not fun and life-giving?


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