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Episode 92: How AI Software Streamlines Collaboration During the Build Process with Ryan & Ty of Digs

Ted speaks with Ryan Fink and Ty Frackiewicz, the co-founders of Digs – an AI collaboration software for homebuilders. Released a year ago, Ted connects with the founders at the International Builders Show to dive into their success and what the future looks like.

Ted speaks with Ryan Fink and Ty Frackiewicz, the co-founders of Digs. Digs is a  collaboration software solution for home builders, vendors, and homeowners that provides more efficient file storage, collaboration, and homeowner handoff for home construction projects. Ryan and Ty share their journey of creating and growing their AI solution and how it’s affecting the home building industry.


  • [01:00] Introducing the founders of Digs
  • [02:25] The ideal customer
  • [03:15] Processes and enhancing the customer experience
  • [06:00] What were some challenges since you’ve launched?
  • [09:15] Partnering with Mike Rowe
  • [10:40] Educating others about the technology Digs uses
  • [11:45] How does Digs stand out from other technology companies?
  • [12:45] Why are customers excited about Digs?
  • [15:05] Future plans
  • [16:35] Expanding teams


  • We don’t want to blow up the existing build process. We want to enhance it.
  • Instead of having somebody come out and scan your space and turn that into a twin, it becomes super accessible and inexpensive, frankly. For the first time digital twins become accessible.


Digs began when co-founder Ryan Fink, an accomplished AI expert, built his own family home. In collaboration with Ty Frackiewicz, a former builder and technology leader, they discovered the construction industry hadn’t evolved past the same pen-and-paper methods from when Ty was a builder 15 years ago – resulting in wasted time and money.


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