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Episode 59: Perfecting the Home Building Process with Nick Radick, of Knauf-Koenig Group

Today Ted speaks with Nick Radick, Director of Marketing at Knauf-Koenig Group, an award-winning, full-service construction and remodeling company founded by Matt and Gisela Knauf and based in Naples, Florida.

A Youngstown Ohio native, Nick found himself in Naples after being offered an opportunity by WCI Communities to work in their marketing department. After a successful career with WCI, Nick went on to manage a valet parking company for eight years before being approached by Knauf-Koenig.

Knauf-Koenig Group
Knauf-Koenig Group

Listen in as Nick talks about his approach to communicating with both clients and trade partners to ensure harmony throughout the lifespan of a given project, as well as how to navigate pushback from clients.

He also gives his thoughts on the evolution of the home building industry and the growing appreciation for the trades in general since his foray into construction. He speaks highly of the power of having a team mentality on every single project. That emphasis on the team, coupled with a commitment to building trust with clients, has set Knauf-Koenig apart from its competitors.

Topics Discussed

  • [06:33] Nick’s journey with Knauf-Koenig so far
  • [12:23] A growing appreciation for the trades
  • [14:16] The company’s culture, made up of men and women between 30-45
  • [21:19] What Nick has learned from his clients
  • [32:56] How trends have changed over the last several years
  • [39:20] Embodying the team mentality
  • [42:03] Aligning your vision as a homebuilder with your client’s vision
  • [45:35] Learning from failure
  • [51:58] Heading a project on which a previous home builder had just been fired from
  • [58:24] Instilling good values in the next generation

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • You can be very successful if you have a work ethic. If you work and you bust your butt, more often than not, you’re going to be successful in life. It’s not some crazy formula you need to come up with.
  • I don’t get paid to come in second. You either get the contract or you don’t.
  • Anytime you’re building a home or doing anything with multiple people involved, you have to have that team mentality: “It’s not my project. It’s our project.”
  • Trust and teamwork: They will get us to the finish line every time.
Knauf-Koenig Group

For over 20 years, Knauf-Koenig Group has earned a reputation for excellence and quality in building custom homes and remodeling projects. The consistent quality and craftsmanship in every one of our projects directly correlates to our team of dedicated professionals who are committed to the success and quality of every project, as well as to the satisfaction of our clients. Knauf-Koenig Group is a full-service construction and remodeling company serving the needs of Southwest Florida.