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A Far Superior Process: Innovation in 3D Renderings with Eric Payne | Friends of Build Magazine #79

Ted speaks with Eric Payne, founder of NuWest Builders and Co-Founder of Paynecole, an architecture firm specializing in 3D rendered designs. After scaling as far as possible on the build side, Eric has created a solution for the biggest problems he experienced as a builder. In Whitefish, MT these renderings are making waves across the industry.


  • [1:50] Growing up surrounded by technology
  • [6:05] Early adoption of technology changes how you think
  • [9:20] How do you decide which technologies are useful?
  • [12:50] Unique renderings of building projects and the process
  • [15:10] Building plans are the number one source of frustration 
  • [19:50] Scaling 3D rendered plans
  • [21:30] Mentors throughout life
  • [28:20] What you accomplish with what you’re given
  • [30:50] How Zoom shifted scaling a business
  • [32:00] Working on iconic structures in Whitefish
  • [35:55] The start of Payncole
  • [41:45] Adoption and education in this new technology
  • [46:20] What do people not know about you?
  • [50:35] What’s a failure you learned from?
  • [54:00] Where do you see yourself and the building industry in 10 years?



  • I think our industry is dominated by limited goals. Most of the, from a builder standpoint, a builder will find this is the max capacity that we have. It’s six homes at any one time, or it’s two homes a year, whatever that is. And that’s the max, because they’re used to doing things same way they’ve always done them, and they wanna do them right. And that is a great, great goal to have, and it’s a great limited goal. But if, again, if we can prove to these people like some of the great innovators that have come before, is we can change your whole way of thinking. That, I believe, is where the ultimate success comes from. 
  • So we started focusing on the renderings, bringing in art, the guys that were better, they’re not architects that are doing these renders, they’re animators and they’re graphic artists.
  • I’m about to see the West, specifically Montana, I see exploding far more than what we already have. I think we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg.


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