Interior Finishings in Hawaii

Once the big-picture process of interior design is complete, it’s time to move onto the next step of making your Hawai’i custom home really feel like home: interior finishings! There are still a few rough edges to be finished and important custom finishes to be added. The interior finishing process includes everything from selecting trims to making the final call on appliances. With the help of an experienced interior finishings specialist, you’ll find this process to be relatively easy, and highly visually rewarding upon completion. Read more

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Selecting the Right Finishings for Your Hawai’i Home

Before making any decisions, you should look for inspiration and come up with a plan. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to make a decision, but having an image in mind before starting will help to narrow down your options.

What you decide on, however, is completely up to you. Though popular designs can serve as excellent guidelines, remember that this house is being built and tailored to you, so there’s no need to follow design conventions you dislike. There are generally two methods to go about this process. The first is to simply go with whatever makes you most comfortable, while the other is to use a timeless design that both you and any future owners will appreciate.

Finding a Local Interior Finishings Provider in Hawai’i

If you still find the interior finishing process overwhelming, it helps to have an extra set of eyes, especially when they belong to an expert. This is your interior finishings provider’s time to shine. They can help sift through the vast selection of choices and provide guidance on which designs will go well together, as well as how each individual part will coordinate in the finished home.

When looking for an interior finishings provider, it’s best to go local. Being able to work with them in person allows for more effective communication. In addition, some provide samples of materials, allowing you to ascertain whether or not a specific material is what you think it is. With the help of an interior finishings expert, you’ll be able to make quick decisions with peace of mind, giving you more freedom to do what you want, how you want it.

Questions to Ask Your Interior Finishings Provider

  • Can I speak to some of your past clients?
  • Do you provide material samples?
  • What do your services entail? (Delivery, installation, etc.)