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Canadian Bavarian Millwork & Lumber


Canadian Bavarian Millwork & Lumber is a premier choice for custom home builders across North America. Situated in the heart of British Columbia’s forestry hub on Vancouver Island, Canadian Bavarian selects and works with the finest lumber available, including Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Western Red Cedar and Yellow Cedar, to manufacture flooring, siding, timbers, soffit, interior trim, custom profiles, and more.

For over four decades, Canadian Bavarian has built a reputation for precision and innovation. Each product reflects our commitment to quality, and our cutting-edge millwork shop can produce an array of custom components, including, but not limited to, faux beams, engineered T&G and stair treads.

At Canadian Bavarian, expertise converges with collaboration and sustainability. With our team’s extensive knowledge, we work directly with our clients, from conception to on-site delivery, to guarantee their vision becomes reality. Finally, our dedication to quality extends to sustainability, with every wood fibre, even sawdust, utilized in our manufacturing process. Embark on a journey of excellence with Canadian Bavarian Millwork & Lumber, where precision and quality go hand in hand.

“We recently completed a large project with Canadian Bavarian as our primary cedar supplier. This project was very unique and required large, one-of-a-kind material, which Canadian Bavarian was able to provide–exceeding our expectation in material quality. What I appreciated most about working with Canadian Bavarian is their transparency and integrity. If a timber did not meet their standards they would share the information with us and reselect without compromising our project schedule or budget. Coming from a family-owned business, I appreciate working with companies who make you feel like you can pick up the phone and have a conversation with the owner anytime. Their customer service and material quality is the benchmark in the industry.” – Andrew Queen, Queen Construction Inc.


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