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Regardless of what your project may be, your designer and architect are two of the most important people you can hire. Alongside these essential partners, you’ll craft and refine your vision to perfection. With the many moving pieces involved in creating your dream home, it’s essential to find the best local professionals possible.

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Often, the first person you’ll hire when building a home is the architect. Your architects and home designers will listen to your ideas, needs, vision to create a brilliant concept to work with. In addition to being able to tailor their work to your needs, the ideal architect will also remain by your side from the moment the draft is created until you receive the keys. Great architects will stay even longer and provide recommendations for landscapinghome builders, and interior design services.

Another important hire will be your interior architect. Working alongside the general architect, the interior architect will create a seamless, gorgeous interior for your home. Moreover, the interior architect will serve as a reliable go-between for you and your general contractor.

Depending on your project, you’ll find yourself hiring from a different pool of firms and service providers. Each design firm in Bend, Oregon serves a different purpose and scope. Some companies may be limited to small renovations, while others will build a new home from the ground up.


When working with architects and designers, you can expect to encounter a variety of tools, plans, and services. Some of the services that a design firm may provide include:

  • Basic conceptual designs
  • Drafts and blueprints of your or idea
  • 3D renderings of the concept, perhaps compiled as a video walkthrough

In addition to the services that residential architects and designers provide, there are other things that you should expect and look for when choosing your architectural firm. First and foremost, you want to find someone you get along with. Because you will be in close communication with your architect for some time, finding someone you can easily communicate with is worth the effort.


When meeting with a prospective architect for your dream home, it’s important to be prepared with the right questions. No matter who you consult with, you should be sure to ask the same questions for later reference. When interacting with different firms and designers, important questions to ask include:

  • What sort of timeline can I expect for my project?
  • What kind of payment structures or plans do you offer?
  • Do you see any potential problems or difficulties involved in this project?
  • What kind of renderings are available to me?
  • What services does my payment cover?
  • What happens if my project runs over the initial quote?

Golfing is a favorite activity for many residents in Bend, inspiring more folks to inhabit and build homes within the area. Three elite golf courses, PronghornCrosswater, and Tetherow, are right within Bend’s city limits and built into luxury resorts. Additionally, the premium community at Mount Bachelor Village Resort offers guests direct access to nature trails and snowy slopes, and stunning scenic views of the Cascade Mountains and the Central Oregon High Desert. Just a short drive away from the iconic National Newberry Volcanic Monument, Drake Park, Tumalo Falls, and Oregon Badlands, Bend beckons the most thrill-seeking adventurers and wanderlust chasers.

While the majority of the Pacific Northwest endures a reputation of overcast, rainy weather, frequent sunny days (260 days per year, on average) make Bend a welcome anomaly in the state of Oregon and ideal for partaking in outdoor sports year-round. Popular summer activities include stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, water tubing, and whitewater rafting in Bend Whitewater Park along the Deschutes River, hiking leisurely around the Cascade Lakes, rock climbing on Smith Rock, and mountain biking in Mount Bachelor. In the winter, venture to Mount Bachelor for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snow tubing, and more!

For future residents, Bend promises a welcome escape from the bustling tech-heavy cities of the Pacific Northwest. Bend’s sprawling landscape is large enough to find peaceful seclusion, while its downtown and main street are quaint enough to foster a tight-knit community.

As real estate investments continue to boom in the area, building or remodeling a home in Bend proves to be profitable for those looking to expand their property investment portfolio. There is no better time to build in Bend than right now. With the issuance of new housing unit permits soaring exponentially, the quaint town of Bend and the surrounding Deschutes County are becoming more desirable to premium architects, luxury home builders, and real estate entrepreneurs.



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