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Episode 96: Authenticity in a World of Perfectionism with Artist Theresa Stirling

Ted speaks with Theresa Stirling of Theresa Stirling Art Studios about her journey and her process as an artist. Located in Washington, Theresa shares how geography impacts her work and the joy of providing art to people across the world.

Ted and Theresa discuss her journey as an artist and the impact of art on personal spaces. They explore themes of self-worth, authenticity, and the power of nature in inspiring art. Theresa shares her process of working with beeswax and encaustic medium, and how she incorporates different elements into her artwork. They also touch on the challenges and rewards of being an artist and the importance of taking risks. Theresa shares her journey as an artist and the challenges and rewards of running her own business. They discuss the impact of decisions and the excitement of embracing new opportunities. The conversation ends with a discussion of their future plans and the importance of being present in the moment.


  • [01:08] Introduction and Excitement for the Visit
  • [01:50] Falling in Love with Art and Making a Career Change
  • [03:05] The Role of Art in Defining a Space
  • [04:55] The Authenticity of Art and the Importance of Nature
  • [10:40] Working with Beeswax and Encaustic Medium
  • [21:42] Self-Worth and the Validation of Art
  • [27:40] The Process of Creating Animal Art
  • [34:25] Art as a Tool for Storytelling and Personal Expression
  • [36:36] Creating Personal Connections with Clients
  • [41:10] Authenticity in a World of Perfectionism
  • [43:00] Taking Risks and Embracing New Opportunities
  • [51:45] The Importance of Being Present



  • I’m always taking risks and you know, I talked to a builder one time after I took on this I said yes to a ceiling mural panel, you know collection But I didn’t quite know how to do it and how I was going to book match for gigantic panels wood panels at 84 inches each and He just I said do you ever take on projects and say yes, but you’re not really sure how you’re going to do them And he goes, oh we do it all the time.
  •  It is truly one of the purest expressions we can do. Whether you play piano or you paint large pieces of art or you build tables, you put it out to the public and everybody can have an opinion. And sometimes the opinion could be hard to hear, but it’s the purest expression. 
  • I’m a big fan of the law of attraction and being in the vortex. Ride the horse in the direction it’s going. If it feels good, do it. That applies to the art that I create. It applies to the business and how I run it, the social marketing piece. You know, I think be yourself when you show up in social. The world is already beleaguered by people trying to look too perfect.


Theresa Stirling | Theresa Stirling Art Studios

Fire artist Theresa Stirling believes that in order to create great art, one must create a great life. “A fully engaged life means living and working from a place of feeling alive.” Accordingly, Theresa tells her collectors’ stories through her luxurious, large-scale custom encaustic beeswax paintings.

Theresa’s art is an expression of a well-curated life. She is aware of the space it takes to be able to appreciate beauty, and she edits her environment and work accordingly. She works with beeswax and fire encaustics, and her paintings are dreamy, textured, tactile, and organic. They offer the viewer an opportunity to go on a luminous journey as they explore new depths within their own experiences. The wax from bees and sap from trees make for a sensuous combination conveying the artist’s enthusiasm through multiple layers of expression.


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