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Episode 97: Proactive Communication Drives Success with Ricky Perrone of Perrone Construction (Sarasota, FL)

Ted speaks with Ricky Perrone of Perrone Construction in Sarasota, FL. Ricky has taken over the family business and continues to improve on the level of excellence his father built before him. As the luxury residential market booms in Florida, Ricky shares their journey of success.

Ted and Ricky discuss the evolution of Sarasota, Florida, and the focus on luxury architecture in the city. Ricky shares the importance of systems and processes in their construction business and how they adapt to different clients and stakeholders. At Perrone Construction they emphasize the need for proactive communication and setting expectations to avoid delays and cost overruns. He also highlights the significance of involving the builder, architect, and interior designer from the beginning to ensure a seamless construction process. The conversation covers topics such as addressing client concerns, value engineering, the importance of good architecture, and the role of AI in construction. 


  • [01:25] Introduction and Discussion on Sarasota
  • [03:15] The journey of Perrone Construction
  • [07:22] The Importance of Systems and Processes
  • [10:13] Proactive Communication and Setting Expectations
  • [14:30] The Role of the Builder, Architect, and Interior Designer
  • [19:15] Site Selection and Due Diligence
  • [21:08] The Value Engineering Process and Keeping Customers Happy
  • [30:30] The Importance of Good Architecture in Construction
  • [32:35] The Role of AI in Design and Construction
  • [39:36] The Beauty of Details in Home Construction



  • “Sarasota is a dynamic city with a true focus on the arts and architecture.”

  • “If you set up a good system, you have a roadmap to success on a project.”

  • “Being proactive can save time and money on a construction project.”


Ricky Perrone | Perrone Construction

Perrone Construction has an iconic forty-four year history of bespoke homes, exquisite craftsmanship with a mastery of precision, and a dedication to providing the very best for our clients. Through an in-depth understanding of the complexities and nuances of building in coastal locations and experience working with some of the most celebrated design teams in the world, Perrone Construction is known for crafting the finest luxury waterfront homes in southwest Florida.