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Bend, Oregon

Forged Elegance works closely with clients to create exclusively unique furniture. Each piece of historic barnwood is analyzed to enhance its features and brings its story to life. Old world hand-crafted forged steel accentuates the barnwood, transforming each piece into a work of art. The key to Forged Elegance’s success is in our hand-crafted process. Each piece starts with a vision that is brought to reality. Hand selected barnwood is hand sanded to a very fine grit, leaving the rustic barnwood behind with a smooth finish. Cold roll steel is then used to enhance the barnwood furniture. The steel is heated to a malleable consistency in a hot forge and placed on an anvil where it is hammered to produce an old world look and feel. This combination sets us apart from traditional furnishings and elevates it with history and artistry. Forged Elegance encourages new ideas and out of the box designs. We always strive to build bigger and better pieces that exceed our clients’ expectations. We do it all, the possibilities are endless.

"Forged Elegance is absolutely the best source for unique custom furnishings in Bend. What I enjoy most about working with Paul and his team is the true passion that they have for the beautiful, historic wood that they source. Any time you visit his showroom, he is excited to tell you the story of each piece that he has created. Paul is a true visionary artisan combining rich, reclaimed historical wood and his modern blacksmith-style metal work."
~Leah Hendrix, interior designer
"Forged Elegance is Paul’s true passion and talent. As a woodworker myself, I know the quality and hard work that is required for such beautiful artwork."
~Pat Wood, home builder
"Forged Elegance is amazing in their creativity and in the selection of the material they use. Each piece has a story to tell from where it originated. Ask Paul to share the history behind the materials he uses."
~Tye Farnsworth, owner and general manager of Pacwest Builders
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