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The Blank Canvas – Endless Creativity & Customization

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White box construction, or base building, is nothing new. It has been used by commercial builders for years nationwide. This concept provides a basic shell and gives the first tenant control over how the office space is purposed and finished. In Southern Florida and Naples, builders and architects have embraced the white box model to provide unfinished, luxury high-rise condominiums for prospective owners.

Before (After Featured Image)Fords LLC

The condominium’s primary structure, roof, facade, and all public areas like hallways, lobbies, corridors, elevators, and stairs are in place. Additionally, most of the essential mechanical and utility systems like electricity, central air, telephone, and water, gas, and sewage lines are installed, as well as a kitchen and appliance package.

Before & AfterFords LLC

Justin Ford, of Ford’s, a luxury custom builder, explains, “Florida building code requires one operational bathroom and a kitchen to get a TCO (temporary certificate of occupancy) in which the developer can start closing on units and build-outs can start.” Justin continues, “ceilings are typically complete as well as lighting.” However, there are no design elements, fixtures, flooring, paint, or finishes just yet. 

Once the new occupant purchases the condo, they then have a unique opportunity to design the interior to their tastes. This concept also saves the builder time, materials, and money and, environmentally speaking, results in less waste.  Justin verifies, “The white box is really an incredible opportunity for owners to create their dream and a space that inspires them every day to live the most fulfilling life.” The white box is like a blank canvas. The homeowner and the design team sketch out their ideas and then bring the colors and patterns to life and create a unique work of art.

Before & AfterFords LLC

Design and build software help the client and their design team determine how to best utilize the space for their lifestyle and preferences. Will there be a separate office? Will the bedrooms have en suite bathrooms? Will the kitchen be the showcase of the home, complete with a jewel box wine room? Will the hallways feature lit, recessed spaces for highlighting paintings or sculptures? 

Naples draws many discerning professionals from around the world who want a vacation condo or second home as a place to relax, work and entertain. With all the amenities that high-rise luxury condos provide, such as rooftop pools, on-site spas, and cafes, the white box build-out is a perfect solution.

Ashmore DesignsNaples, FL

The feeling of being confined to design constraints and building codes poses limitations that are becoming less and less appealing. The idea of building something from nothing provides infinite opportunities and endless customization. A few photos from Ashmore Designs depicts varying design styles and ideas in addition to Fords, allowing your mind to wander about the plethora of possibility that awaits the blank canvas. Naples is the mecca of the latest construction trend in White Box Design.

Ashmore DesignsNaples, FL

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