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Natural Elements That Enhance Your Home

Implementing Natural Materials into Your Home

Bringing a touch of natural elements into your home adds a sense of serenity you simply can’t get anywhere else. It’s like bringing the outdoors in, in a functional and aesthetically appealing way.

Fortunately, implementing natural elements is an adaptable process, and can be as simple as adding a few houseplants, exposed brick or stone, or can be a more involved process like a large-scale remodel.

Lohss ConstructionBig Sky, MT

For example, if you’re living in a warm area such as Hawai’i or Palm Beach, Florida, tropical flowers will give your custom home a laid-back beach house feel. On the other hand, rustic wood paneling creates a cozier environment best suited to locations such as Jackson Hole, Wyoming, or Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Aloha Light & Design IncHawaii
Absolut Stone & GraniteOkanagan, BC

Natural decor is incredibly easy to implement into your custom home, so it can be added to more or less any room you want. A houseplant, simple as it is, brings a touch of vibrance and energy to the room and is the perfect flourish for a kitchen or living room window.

Wood flooring, especially dark wood, can make your home feel more relaxed and natural without sacrificing the sense of luxury and refinement. Exposed stone or brick whether it’s on a fireplace or wall can tie in those natural elements and enhance any room.

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Jacobs + InteriorsAspen l Vail, CO

For the exterior, consider starting a garden or planting a few trees, especially if you live in a southern climate like Naples, Scottsdale. If you want to go above and beyond, you could work to coordinate seasons, matching the tree blossoms with the garden’s plants. Picture a thriving garden of primroses alongside several apple trees in full bloom. It’s a stunningly beautiful image, and with just a bit of legwork, it could be right outside your home.

A solid oak door, stone siding, and wooden pillars also add elements of nature to the exterior of your home and accentuate that desired curb appeal. Imagine living in Bend, Oregon, and having a grand wooden staircase in your foyer. Sprinkling natural pieces throughout your home in ways like interior design, home decor, architecture, interior finishes, and more has never been easier.

Pacwest BuildersBend, OR
Williams PartnersSun Valley, ID

Essentially, you can add nature to your home however and wherever you see fit. With such an incredibly wide variety of options, your nature-inspired dream home is just a step away. Looking for more suggestions to make this dream a reality? Check out our blog at Build Magazine for more home inspiration, home styling, custom home building, decor ideas and so much more!

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