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Flawless Finishings to Spruce Up Your Space

Details that Deliver

Great design is in the details. Interior finishings, as the name suggests, help finish the look of your home, and add to the ambiance of your space. Whether you are building a custom home in the mountains of Whistler or hiring an interior designer in the tropics of Hawaii, high-end finishes are key.

Hardware like doorknobs, drawer pulls, flooring, tile, gorgeous wallpaper, appliances, and more help to pull together a cohesive aesthetic, and amp up the value of your luxury home.

Kolbe Windows and DoorsSun Valley, ID

We work with top industry professionals who provide custom interior and exterior finishings services to high-end clients in North America’s most sought-after regions. Here are a few ideas and some home inspiration to help you get excited about just starting the design on or even putting the finishing touches on your custom home.

Mills Concrete FinishingsJackson Hole, WY

In the grand scheme of things building a home requires a lot of moving pieces with integral decisions throughout. So when it comes to adding interior and exterior finishings it can seem trivial but in reality, this is where the small details deliver.

As the home owner, you’ll choose everything from the specific hues, shades, and materials to the brands you prefer for all the appliances in your dream home.

The FirebirdSanta Fe, NM
Struxure OkanaganOkanagan, BC

When working with a custom finishings expert, you’ll have access to an exorbitant selection of options that suit your specific aesthetic. Lux materials like gold, silver, and bronze can make the perfect addition to kitchens, and gathering spaces. 

Superior selections in finishings elevate all areas of the home especially the intimate quarters of the home like bathrooms and bedrooms. If modern opulence is more your style, steel, and coated metals help to define lines, accentuate the architectural uniqueness of your home.

Silver Mountain GlassPark City, UT

It’s not just the interior that yearns for exquisite finishings. Exterior finishings are of equal importance and help to define your home’s first impression and aid in achieving desired curb appeal.

Exterior finishings like siding, light fixtures, landscaping, increase your home’s overall aesthetic appeal but also adds intrinsic value and character to your home. Whether you’re incorporating exterior finishings in Whistler like a fireplace, ostentatious landscaping in Scottsdale, or modern light fixtures in Naples it’s proof that these little details all tie into the overall package of your dream home.

Sailor Design HardwareBend, OR

By working closely with a finishings expert, you’ll be able to choose the best, most durable, most in-demand finishes to make your home the home of your dreams.

Whether you choose bright, flashy metallics, modern matte blacks, glass, and concrete, or classic neutrals for your finishes, your finishings expert will help you make the right selections for a cohesive design.

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