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Making A First Impression – Interesting Driveways

From minimalism to non-traditional, driveway-design is almost endless. When choosing a particular style, be sure to select materials that complement the exterior home design and landscaping. It may seem challenging to harmonize design, practicality, and personal tastes. We suggest starting with what is practical, then moving to the look and overall feel you want to achieve and the materials that will best harmonize your property.

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Local climate is usually the best place to start when considering driveway materials. Let’s begin with the all-time favorite – Concrete. Concrete is functional across a myriad of climates. Additionally, concrete can suit the design dreams of both modest and eccentric tastes. For minimalists, concrete can be dyed in neutral colors, like tan or light sienna. Minimally colored concrete is also an excellent idea for driveways surrounded by brightly colored flora – this offers a pleasing contrast. For a less traditional look, concrete can be paved into irregular shapes or have other materials like bricks or pavers incorporated in linear patterns or fanciful design.

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Despite its adaptability, concrete has a serious competitor in asphalt, especially when it comes to harsh winter climates. Contrary to concrete, asphalt is not as prone to expansion and contraction, which can cause damage and deterioration. Asphalt also absorbs warmth from the sun more efficiently. That heat helps to melt ice off driveways improving overall safety. Furthermore, asphalt makes an excellent driveway material choice for another big reason – asphalt is eco-friendly. Because asphalt can be crushed up and recycled, it is the perfect option for homeowners who want to use environmentally-sustainable materials.

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Another terrific choice are pavers. They come in a variety of shapes and hues. Utilizing pavers to design and create your driveway improves both your home’s curb appeal and adds value. Pavers can easily enhance your landscaping, making its overall appearance more attractive, and there are a multitude of patterns that your contractor can create in the driveway area to complement your home. Pavers tend to be more durable, especially in cold climates with heaving or when a crack occurs because you can only have to replace the individual pavers.

Whether you choose concrete, pavers, bricks or asphalt, with thoughtful planning, and design – the result is– a beautiful and practical entrance to your dream home.

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