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Home Decor That Offers More

Finishing Touches that Seal the Deal

Decorating with home decor completes your dream home, aesthetics, filling empty spaces, and bringing out the subtle details of a room. The perfect home decor turns a house into a home, and with a nearly endless variety of options, that perfect home is just a step away.

Knowing how and where to purchase the right home decor for your home is critical. That’s why you can use this home blog as inspiration as well as many others like, Little Details That Make a Big Impact, Curating Your Custom Home, Top Decor Strategies, and many more.

Arcadia Modern Home DecorOkanagan, BC
Beyond BeigeWhistler Sea to Sky, BC

When decorating with home decor, consider what your home is missing. Does the room feel empty? What details are you looking to bring out? What style are you going for overall? Finally, how does each piece coordinate with your home’s interior design?

There are so many home decor choices available, that’s why it’s essential to narrow down the options. Once you have considered the questions and looked at your space you can truly delve into the fun part – the decorating process itself.

If you find decorating overwhelming or something that isn’t your strong suit, consider hiring a local interior designer or local home decor expert that can help you every step along the way.

Wolf & PorterWhistler Sea to Sky, BC
Tate InteriorsWhitefish, MT

For a vintage look that matches a darker color palette, turn your attention to light fixtures. An Edison bulb paired with a cage pendant fixture will bring a warm, ambient glow to the room alongside a touch of classic luxury.

If you have room, a vintage book or curio shelf, as well as a wall canvas or painting, are the perfect finishing touches. Uniting classic style with modern refinement, the vintage aesthetic is perfect for bustling urban areas such as Bend, OR, or Whistler, BC.

Space BazaarScottsdale, AZ
Ashmore DesignNaples, FL

If you live in an area with a beautiful natural view such as Okanagan Valley, BC, or Jackson Hole, WY, chances are your home will be designed to emphasize it. You’ll want to implement decor that works with a lighter color scheme with a focus on natural lighting.

MetamorphosisSanta Fe, NM

If you want a pop of color, consider adding a few houseplants. Plants such as flowers or succulents bring a certain rustic beauty to the environment without drawing attention away from the main focus of your decor. If you want to go a bit bolder consider having your furniture make a bold statement with accents to help tie in colors, patterns, and textures throughout the rest of your home decor.

If you like subtle decor and something that can blend well with any furniture or rug, plan to match the light color scheme and stick to muted tones such as white, gray, or neutrals.

No matter what color scheme or pattern you decide to go with don’t forget one of the most important home decor pieces, the window view. Letting in natural light does wonders for any home and truly enhances the overall home decor.

Sticks + StonesPark City, UT

No matter what home decor style you set out for, the perfect decor is out there. If you can’t decide on what the perfect decor is, however, we’re here to help. At Build Magazine, we understand the importance of an aesthetically pleasing home and the need to have everything tied in together. Find your local interior designer or browse through our home blog for more home inspiration and home styling tips!

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