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Home Lighting Design – Combining Ambience With Style

More Than Just Light…

Lighting is a subtle yet essential element of your home’s style. Muted or dramatic, it can change a room’s mood, draw people’s attention to artwork, function as a task lighting, and pull together the overall aesthetic of your home. Luxury light fixtures can complement your interior design and transcend the spaces in your dream home.

Creating a lighting plan for each room is crucial before selecting fixtures. For example, your choices will differ depending on whether you want a relaxing lounge-like vibe versus a bright and airy feel.

Globe LightingBend, OR

Suppose you’re looking for a more moody, romantic ambiance paired with a dark color scheme – a dim, warm-colored light curates that look. If relaxing and leisure are at the forefront of your mind, and you’re living in one of our premier resort communities of Jackson Hole or Big Sky, enjoying the slopes – this would be a perfect choice for apres ski entertaining.

Robinson LightingOkanagan, BC

Or are you looking to brighten up the room? There’s no better way to accomplish this than installing a luxury chandelier. It may seem like a typical design choice. However, the lighting industry has experienced a bit of a renaissance in art & design, and modern luxury chandeliers have become both a focal piece and a work of art.

Additionally, Edison bulbs provide a cozy, vintage feel, and a geometric metal fixture gives a modern, trendy aesthetic – whereas a wooden rail chandelier reflects Western sentiment. The entire environment of the room changes depending on the fixtures you choose, and luxury lighting can elevate your home more than ever.

First Source FinishingsSanta Fe, NM
Luminosa Light DesignsWhistler Sea to Sky, BC
Elume Distinctive LightingPark City, UT
Premier LightingScottsdale, AZ

Lighting is often used as a focal point, drawing guests’ attention to the best parts of your home. Do you want to emphasize that oil painting you love – a recessed spot that can illuminate the brush strokes and color? Wall sconces can add that perfect touch to any entryway or hallway. Recess lighting is ideal for media or theater rooms and allows the audience to engage in their favorite shows or games.

Your kitchen lighting must be top-notch if you enjoy hosting events, cooking lavish dinners, or even the occasional late-night drink with friends and colleagues. The kitchen is the heart of the home and often where people congregate. Spare no expense in creating the perfect luxury look with high-end light fixtures and task-lighting over counter space as well as under-lighting cabinets to illuminate the floors.

Hammerton LightingWhitefish, MT
Pine LightingOkanagan, BC

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