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Beautiful Bathrooms That Break Boring Stigmas

An Oasis All Your Own

Our bathrooms have become a personal sanctuary appointed with delightful decor and amenities for complete relaxation—a private place to unwind after a long day with a good book, a glass of wine or your significant other.

A well-made bathroom design turns a simple room into a paradise with extravagant soak tubs, luxurious tile, and stunning views.

Burkinshaw TileWhistler Sea to Sky, BC

Though the classic white color scheme is an excellent choice, changing things up with a darker tone can perfectly capture the spa aesthetic you’re looking for. Granite or marble is a sleek, modern option for your tiles and countertops.

From there, some dark wood elements for cabinet and cupboard doors can create a luxurious two-tone aesthetic. Finish it off with some ambient lighting and white towels for contrast, and you’ve got the perfect dream bathroom, ideal for upscale urban areas such as Scottsdale, Arizona.

Isabey InteriorsOkanagan, BC

If you’d rather stick with the classic white theme, you can complete it with a gorgeous window view. Stonework will once again be an excellent option, with white or grey marble creating a modern, elegant look.

However, rather than focus on ambient interior lighting, you can take advantage of the natural lighting with a luxurious balcony view. Imagine, after a long, luxurious soak, you can feel the breeze in your hair and take in the view.

There’s truly no better way to enjoy your area’s natural beauty. With its strong emphasis on scenery, this is an excellent style for cities such as Naples, Florida, with its breathtaking view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Baptista Tile & StoneBend, OR
Cost Less CarpetsBend, OR

When working with a custom finishings expert, you’ll have access to an exorbitant selection of options that suit your specific aesthetic. Lux materials like gold, silver, and bronze can make the perfect addition to kitchens, and gathering spaces. 

Superior selections in finishings elevate all areas of the home especially the intimate quarters of the home like bathrooms and bedrooms. If modern opulence is more your style, steel, and coated metals help to define lines, accentuate the architectural uniqueness of your home.

Studio 41Scottsdale, AZ

Luxury bathrooms are arguably the pinnacle of home styling, allowing you to quite literally soak in the opulence of the environment. It’s the finishing touch, the coup de grace, and as such, you should settle for nothing less than the very best.

Ownby DesignScottsdale, AZ

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